Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mama's Morning Out and Yard Sale Finds

My dear husband made sure that I had Saturday morning to myself this weekend.  He kept all the boys (even the baby) so that I could go out and do some yard saling.

I love to check out yard sales.  They are like treasure hunts!  But, it's been a long time since I've gone.  For one thing money was much tighter last summer.  My husbands hours were cut back for most of the year, so there was no room for frivolous spending.  The second thing is, I've been trying to be intentional about decluttering our home and not bring in more potential clutter.

But, I was so anxious on Saturday to head out there again.  I needed some time away.  And, this is truly something I enjoy.  Plus I had a few things in my mind that I would look for.  Here are some of my finds...

Ok - so these weren't on my list.  But, these are home-made, cream-filled donuts!  At $3.00 for a 1/2 dozen I couldn't resist.

 I've been wanting a new purse.  I always tend to carry black purses but thought that I should branch out and try some color.  I've been eyeing up some lime green bags at the stores, but candy apple red will have to do for now.  Cost - $1

 I am coming to terms with the fact that I haven't lost my pregnancy weight and it doesn't seem to want to come off just yet.  So, while I work on that personal challenge I still need some cute, comfortable clothes.  I hate to spend $ on clothes that I hope will soon be too large.  But, buying them at a yard sale isn't too painful.  This cute top was $1.  I've worn it twice already!

 This blouse is from The Loft!  And it cost me 20 cents!  Boo ya!

 Two more blouses that cost 20 cents a piece.  The flower patterned one is too tight.  But, since I'm hoping to soon shrinky dink, and it cost so little, I'm not too upset.

 I don't sew.  I don't even know how to sew.  But, I have a love affair with fabric.  I used to buy fabric from yard sales quite often.  I guess I figured I might someday be able to use it to cover a seat cushion or make pillow shams  ( I would have to learn HOW first).  Anyway, this picture doesn't do the fabric justice but these 5 pieces of really cute fabric cost $2.

 I came across a barn sale which had a ton of antiques (all a bit too pricey), baked goods, and loads of plants.  The 2 cherry tomato plants were free.  The flowers are dianthus.  I've been looking for these because I had planted one last year (but couldn't remember what it was called) and I love it.  So, when I saw them in pink & red, I had to get 2 of each.  Cost - $1.50 per plant

This is the dianthus I planted last year.  If I remember correctly it continued to make pretty blooms most of the summer.  The plant fills out nicely, and the plant itself is a pretty silvery color that remains even through the winter.

Not pictured I also found a few more blouses ($1 a piece), a large dry erase board to hang in the boys room ($1),  a really cute picture to hang ($1 - frame needs fixed a bit), and a spit basket for campfires ( 50 cents).


  1. I would say you had a very successful shopping trip!! Especially when you factor in the "alone" time.

    Your clothing items are really nice, and the purse is pretty too (can't go wrong with red). I am not a donut eater, but I am sure they were delectable.

  2. Ok...now I am really itching to get out there...I haven't been able to go out the past 4 weekends! AWESOME finds you found! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and white top....sooooo cute!
    I got a sewing machine 3 years ago and taught myself how to use it (except not really). I made a few pillows and a couple of bags. I'd love to take a simple sewing class...but I have no idea where?
    What a stylish purse too...that will look great with jeans! It looks big enogh for two diapers and some wipes, perfect!

  3. Love yard sales. My daughter is totally addicted now. Every Sat. she wants me up early and out the door. When I introduced her to the concept a few weeks ago I didn't know it would be every Sat for the next 4 years of my life.
    We must pace ourselves, I tell her! Now my boys are wanting to go too. Yikes!
    Have a great day!


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