Thursday, March 21, 2013


Grace is not easy. If it were, it would not be grace. It's never easy to extend love and forgiveness when you know it may be rejected or scorned or your hurt is so deep that you can't see past the pain.

Grace is not deserved. If it were, it would not be grace. 

Grace is risky. We live in a world of self-preservation. Popular psychology encourages people to put themselves avoid 'toxic' relationships. While there is some's not good to put yourself in a dangerous situation....we have become a people who live with hearts closed to those who hurt us. We live for ourselves rather than pouring ourselves in to the lives of others.

Grace is messy. True grace was shown to us by the One who hung on a tree.

True Grace is free to the one who receives it. But, there is always a cost to the one giving the Grace.

Grace is relentless. It never gives up.

I am so thankful to friends & family who stood by me in my darkest times & showed me Grace no matter what. And, most of all I thankful to God and the Grace He poured out on my life.
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