Sunday, June 27, 2010

It's Time To Get Serious

Ok.  I have a confession to make.   A while back I posted about my desire to lose 40 pounds by my 40th birthday (coming up this November).  I was calling this little (actually, big)  project "40 by 40".  Um.  It hasn't exactly been working out like I had hoped.

Apparently, in order to lose weight you need to do more than just wish that you weighed less.  Apparently, you need to adjust your eating and exercise.  Which, I have not.

Soooo, I know how this goes.  I've struggled with my weight ever since my pre-teen years.  I have to get to the point where I absolutely can not stand it anymore before I get serious about doing what I need to do to lose weight.  I think I may have reached that point.

We had a birthday party for Wyatt on Saturday.  We had our families and a couple friends here.  There were lots of cameras snapping to capture the fun.  Unfortunately, my sister-in-law captured a bit more than just the fun.  I was in the frame for several shots helping Wyatt with his gifts as he was opening them.  And, there it was.  My much-larger-than-I-realized bottom.

It's really, really big.  I mean I don't see it that often unless someone takes a picture of me.  I don't own a full-length mirror.  I rarely shop for clothes so I don't get a full-length view that way.  I knew I was much larger than I wanted to be.  I knew that my 'fat' pants are way too tight.  But, I really didn't realize exactly how out of control things in the back had gotten.

Therefore, unless I am content leaving things as they are, which I am not, I must make some changes.  Instead of thinking of all the things that I shouldn't eat (so restrictive), I'm going to brainstorm some yummy stuff that I CAN eat and still work toward achieving my goal.  I'm going to list a few of my ideas...please feel free to give me some more ideas!

Oh, and summer produce is finally starting to come in so I'm going to try to reflect as many fresh items as I can.

  • Tomato, Mozzarella, & Basil drizzled with balsamic vinegar & olive oil
  • Fresh greens salads with plenty of chopped tomatoes, onions, & a bit of cheese
  • Vanilla lowfat yogurt topped with granola or fruit
  • Fresh fruit salad flavored with chopped mint & lime juice
  • Bruschetta
  • Grilled chicken & veggies
  • Sauteed zucchini, tomato, & onions over brown rice
  • Smoothies made with fresh fruit & lowfat yogurt
  • Home-made pizza, light on the crust, heavy on sauce & veggie toppings
  • Frozen grapes, banana slices dipped in yogurt, & blueberries
  • Salsa with lots of cilantro & baked tortilla chips
Wish me luck.  And, I'd love to hear some of your favorite healthy food options.

P.S. - I'm not sure if I'm digging my new header.  I kind of miss my photo collage header.  Any thoughts?


  1. I really like your new header...but LOVED your other one. It was just bright and cheery. This one reminds me of fall...and I love the shabbiness of it!

    A couple things that help me to lose weight Karen...
    ~lots of water ( I'm not good at doing this though!)
    ~no eating after dinner.
    ~a 30 minute walk. Lately I've been trying to walk around 9pm after Brady is in bed and Eric is watching t.v. and it's cooler out.
    ~ I like to take 2 squares of graham cracker (reduced fat ones) and sandwhich fat free cool whip between them. Wrap each sandwich in foil and put in the freezer. If I need a treat I will have one and they taste like an ice cream sandwich with very few calories!
    You can do it! Just keep thinking about turning 40 and wanting to feel your you'll have LOTS of energy for your family!

  2. Your list of healthy foods is making me hungry!

    I really like your header...maybe you could change out the photos from time to time to include others if you miss them. Or perhaps a new one every week? That would be fun for those of us who don't see the boys in person.

    I am thinking about dinner already (it's only 3:25). Caesar chicken on the grill (marinated with Ken's light Caesar dressing, steamed fresh broccoli and some Cheddar Broccoli pasta for the hubby. Healthy enough. :)

  3. Me again Karen!

    I worked on the chair 3 different days. Sanding took the longest, then I covered the cushion and then I painted. I probably worked on the chair a total of 2hrs. Not too bad! I kept putting it off because I couldn't decide if I wanted to paint it light or dark!


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