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Hi! My name is Karen. I've been Wife to John for 14 years. And, I am Mom to four boys (my Stairstep Boys) ages 12, 11, 8, and 6. 
I'm a simple girl at heart and we try to live a fairly simple life in the midst of the noise & chaos that goes along with raising a man clan.
 I love to bake. I try to garden (I'm fabulous at growing weeds!). I can and freeze some of our own food because it just tastes better.
 I struggle kind regularly with my weight - losing & gaining, the losing & gaining again.  Despite my struggles with food, I do have a desire to eat healthy & as naturally as possible.  It's a work in progress! 
 I love old houses & old furniture. I've even tried my hand at refinishing a few pieces of furniture and our house is a work in progress (very slow progress I might add).
I'm also fascinated with all things vintage!  I get such a thrill from going to auctions & discovering treasures there!  I've even started my own local facebook group designed as a forum for folks to buy and/or sell furniture & vintage items.  And, in the last couple years that facebook group has grown to the point where we've held our own Vintage Sales which pull in over 40 vendors.  We hold the sales 2 or 3 times a year as fundraisers for local ministries, charities, and causes.  Our sales have become so popular that we started a separate facebook page just for these events and are in the midst of having a website created.  You can check us out on facebook under Vintage Revival Market
Someday I'd love to have a little shop featuring refurbished furniture & vintage treasures.  It's a dream for the future.
 I love God. I want to know more of Him. Yet sometimes I doubt. Still, I seek and choose to press in to the Mystery.

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