Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Many Blogs, So Little Time

I am absolutely enchanted with other people's blogs.  I keep leapfrogging from one blog to another to another.  There is no shortage of fun, interesting, smart, inspirational, challenging blogs out there.

I'm trying to find some balance in my blog surfing.  I've got many blogs listed on my sidebar under 'Blogs that make me smile', but those aren't even the half of them.  I've got about a gazillion more bookmarked that I also like to read.  I've come to realize I can't read them all every day.

And, I keep finding MORE that I want to visit again.  

What's a busy mom to do?

My boys have already picked up on the fact that if they can't find mom they should check in the computer room.  My oldest has even made the comment to me, "You're on the computer again?"

Sooooo, I guess I need to set aside a certain amount of time each day and limit myself to that for spending time in blogworld.  

I just wanted to let all you fellow bloggers out there know how very much I'm enjoying all that you have to say.  Keep blogging!


  1. karen, thanks so much for the encouragement today.

    i never was a patient person, and motherhood has just exacerbated that for me, i'm afraid. at least it keeps us humble!

    after bookmarking for almost two years, i finally started using google reader to subscribe to blogs--and i like it. i think it saves a little time, having posts in one place and not having to click through all the time:)

  2. Karen, I'm guilty of blog hopping, too! And I've had a couple of my kiddos also comment that "you're on the computer again?!" (So now I try to stay away from the computer till they are in bed.)

    So glad my hopping helped me find your blog!


  3. Since I don't drink coffee, blogging is my wake up in the morning. I like to read as many as I can before Brady wakes up. He told me the other day that I'm ALWAYS in the computer when he wakes up in the morning!


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