Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our Summer List & Some Other Stuff

So many mommy bloggers have been posting their summer lists over the last few weeks.  My boys & I were inspired to make our own summer list.  Since my oldest son, Wyatt, will have his last day of school on Friday we are anxious to get started on checking off our list!

Our cherry tree is ripe but the cherries are quickly rotting.  I just didn't get many picked this year at all.  The boys are still enjoying picking them though.  Here are Edison and Charlie on top of the playhouse.  From there they are able to reach some of the branches.

My boys are really into riding bikes right now.  Unfortunately we don't really have a driveway per se that they can ride in.  Fortunately, there is a church right across the street with a big parking lot.  So, we will take them over there to practice.  Both big boys can ride without training wheels now!

Charlie likes to tag along and rides a scooter.

Baby Joseph just hangs out with Daddy watching.

One last thought for the day...Do you remember doing this with your Fisher Price Little People?  I do!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Loving that list!
    We may need to add "make homemade ice-cream" to ours!!:)
    And YES...I totally remember doing that with my Little People!! Thanks for the memories...even seeing those retro ones was a trip down memory lane!!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Well, they didn't make Little People way back when I was a little girl, but I sure did that with my kids' People. In fact we still have all those people and playsets. AND, it's the favorite toy of all the grandkids; they never lose their appeal. I think it's because they get to use their imagination and make it new each time!

  3. An outdoor movie cool! Also, maybe I could drop my son off at your house so he can learn to ride his bike! :) He's so afraid of falling (he's always been very "safe")...I'm not sure he'll ever learn! He bought a scooter with his money he made at our garage sale! (He's not very good at that either!)

  4. Wow, lots of fun ideas for the summer. I think the outdoor movie night is a great idea. I wonder where you could find a cheap projector. I may have to start searching Craigs List.

  5. Can I go to Chocolate World? Where is that? I need to visit!


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