Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Prayer for Fluffy

We must have a nest of baby rabbits near our house.  Unfortunately I don't think it's a very safe place for them.  We found a dead baby bunny earlier this week in our front flowerbeds.  Originally I blamed my dog, but now I'm thinking it's my cat, Monster, who is responsible.

Last night I was upstairs changing Joseph's diaper when I heard Wyatt coming up the stairs saying that he found Monster laying beside a baby bunny outside & that he thinks the cat was trying to kill it.  I turned to see that Wyatt was holding the bunny in his hands.

Now what?  Can I be really honest in saying that a part of me just didn't want to be bothered with this bunny?  But, for the sake of my son who was earnestly concerned about it's well-being I knew we needed to do something.

We made a little bed of old t-shirts in a box for the shivering, scared bunny.  I did some research on-line on the care of bunnies.  And, we also consulted with my in-laws who live two doors down.

And, somewhere in that time, Wyatt had named the bunny, Fluffy.

 I went back and forth in my mind.  Do we try to care for the baby bunny?  Or, do we find a safe location to release it?

My research was showing that wild bunnies will often die if kept inside even if  they're being well cared for.  They just need to be outside.  I wasn't entirely sure the bunny was big enough to care for itself, but it's eyes were open & it had started moving around quite a bit inside the box.

We adults thought letting it go might be best.

Wyatt finally agreed.  He was trusting our judgement.  Let's let the bunny go.  We searched for the ideal spot. And, we decided upon a cluster of raspberry bushes in my in-laws back yard.  We said a prayer for Fluffy.  We asked God to watch over Fluffy and keep him (her?) safe.

And, by this point, I also cared about what happened to Fluffy.  I started second- guessing if we'd done the right thing for the bunny.  And, I said another prayer in my heart, "Yes God.  Please take care of this rabbit."

With all the major things in life, all the hurts, pains, needs that people have, does God really care about this rabbit?  I believe he does.  The Bible tells us that not a sparrow falls without his knowing.  The Bible tells us to cast all our cares on Him.  Not just the big ones, the 'important' ones.  All of our cares are important to Him.

Because I love my son, I took the time to care about that rabbit.  And, because God loves us, I believe, he cares about what matters to us.  We can take anything, big or small, to him in prayer.  It took a baby bunny named Fluffy to remind me of that.


  1. Oh my goodness...what a cute header! Where did you do THAT?!

    I did my collage on probably already do your pictures on there, right? There's a button at the bottom that says COLLAGE and you just add pictures and play around with can crop and add text, etc.

  2. Thanks Karen! I did try to download a free header once...but I couldn't figure out how to add pictures to it and then it didn't really fit on the page or was too small...can't remember! I get frustrated easily and then just give up! I like that you are always tweaking yours! I just started a "practice blog" the other day to mess around with some different things...but I'm already frustrated with that and I only tried to add a regular picasa header!


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