Thursday, June 10, 2010

Being Intentional

My life seems to feel most chaotic when I get lost in the day to day 'busy'ness and stress.  If I'm not truly thinking about what I'm doing & why I'm doing it, it all starts to feel like a neverending blur.

This week I've been trying to be intentional in how I act and interact...and in how I think.  Here are a few things I've been working on...

1.  Being intentional in speaking to my children.  It's easy for me to slip into yelling or otherwise being impatient and grumpy with my children.  I'm really trying to think about how I'm speaking to them.  I'm trying to watch for their good behavior and praise them more than I scold them.

2.  Being intentional in listening to my children.  When I get caught up in all I have to do, I so often forget to slow down and really hear what my children are saying.  This really grabbed my attention when my son, Edison, got upset on one particularly stressful day and said, "I'm trying to TELL you something.".

Stopping what I'm doing and giving my children my full attention when they are speaking to me goes such a long way.

3.  Being intentional in not getting stressed & frustrated.  Easy to say, not so easy to do.  But, I've found that I can usually tell when I'm beginning to get worked up.  If I just recognize the frustration for what it is, and take a deep breath, I can sometimes nip it in the bud.  Sometimes, I just have to STOP MYSELF!

4.  Being intentional in finding joy.  Sometimes we need to pursue joy.  We need to seek it out.  If I take the time to really see where my life has taken me I realize that I am living out my dream.  I always wanted to be a stay at home wife and mother.  There were times I wondered if it would ever happen.  But, now I am living it!  And, I can take joy in the way that God has given me the desire of my heart.

Even the little things are God's way of blessing us throughout the day.  The coolness in the morning.   A gift of hand-picked flowers from your child.  An unexpected call from a friend.  The freckles on your child's nose.  A whiff of a flower's aroma.  All of these can bring joy if we take the time to notice them.

5.  Being intentional in how I relate to my husband.  My poor husband sometimes is low man on the totem pole.  I put my children before him so often.  And, it's easy to do.  In our minds, it's our children who need our nurture and our help the most.  Our husbands are able to fend for themselves.  But, when this happens we struggle.  Our husband struggles.
My husband needs me as much as I need him.  I'm trying to remember to honor him in the way I speak to him, even in the way I look at him.  (Ever have one of those really bad days & you end up shooting a grumpy look at your husband as he walks through the door instead of smiling?  I have.  Often.)

6.  Being intentional in time I spend with God.  I'm still working on this one.  I don't know why I find it so difficult to take 10 minutes to talk to God & read His word.  But, when I do, it is so worth it.

What are some ways that you can be intentional in your day?


  1. I'm finding summer to be the toughest time to find me time with scripture and prayer. Still working on that one. Good goals. Your boys will notice!

  2. Great thoughts Karen. I need to spend special attention to stop what I am doing when my children are speaking to me. I can relate to all you said :)

  3. Great post Karen...we all need reminded of these things sometimes. I once read that for kids to feel like they are need to look them in the eyes.

  4. Nice crossing paths- this is a great blog-
    You are so right- That whole theory of (why are we always nicer to strangers than our own family)

    Sometimes we need that reminder.. Thank You-
    Lvng your blog- cutie boys too-

  5. P.S. a new excited- Followr- who could use some reminders from a blogging friend-

  6. Love this list of goals.
    I especially love pursuing joy! Some days are harder then others to actually find some huh? I also love what you said about your husband. In the busyness of our days, they can sometimes be on the bottom of the totem pole. Good reminder
    Enjoy the day

  7. Wonderful post I remember so well those days when my kids were young. Not that I don't have them now. It was not long ago that my 13 year old said "Mom your not listening" It really made me step back. I promise it does get easier. My husband always seems to get the short straw also. Thank goodness they are patient with us. Have a happy weekend.

  8. Love the idea of being intentional. Life can just zip by -- and if we are caught unaware -- we lose time and days. Thank you for the reminder of intentionality.


  9. Enjoyed...stopping because I have five boys and only one girl and so know this world. It is so much fun to see your pictures and go back in time when my first four were these ages....enjoyed your post...enjoy, they grow so fast.


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