Monday, June 14, 2010

Yard sale update

Sooo my yard sale quest on Saturday was a bust.  You may recall that I had all four boys with me.  We actually didn't go to that many yard sales and the ones we did go to didn't really have anything for me.  I'm trying to be very purposeful in what I purchase.  I don't want to fill my home with things I don't really need.

Even though this week didn't pan out, I thought I'd show my finds from the week before.

Here is the umbrella + base that I got for $10.
 As I mentioned the patio set was given to us free of charge.  I was so blessed, because I had really wanted a patio set, but just didn't have the money set aside for one.  I'm not a huge fan of the pattern on the cushions, but I'm keeping my eye out for a great deal on cushions.  I think red & khaki striped cushions would look nice.

 My other find last week was this set of brand new Ikea lamp shades.  I got the pair for $1.

I just love the design on the shades.  Now I need to keep my eye out for some pretty lamps to go with them.  Maybe I'll find some lamps at a sale that I can make my own by repainting them.  I've been following the blog, My Dear Trash and I'm amazed out how they can turn other people's castoffs into treasures.  They are my heroes!    

I have a bunch of other stuff on my mind, plus links that I want to share.  But, it's all going to have to wait until my next post.  I can hear that the baby is awake.  Have a great Monday everyone!


  1. did great!!
    Can't believe that umbrella...SCORE!!!
    Enjoy the day

  2. GREAT umbrella and lampshades!
    I would love to have a deck...maybe someday. Our back yard is shaded in the afternoon, so a deck would be perfect out there.


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