Monday, May 31, 2010

Unexpected Chivalry

I made a quick run to the nearby Walmart today to pick up the ingredients we needed to make home-made ice cream.  It was a last minute decision that we would take the home-made ice-cream mix and  ice cream churner (hand-cranked, thank you) to a Memorial Day get-together.  Normally I avoid Walmart on holidays like the plague.

I was fortunate enough to only have the baby with me.  The other three boys were happily running through the sprinkler at Grandma & Grandpa's house, 2 doors down from our house.

I thought about grabbing a cart from one of the parking lot cart returns as I lugged Joseph in his car seat out of the van.  But, I figured I'd just carry the car seat in & grab a cart inside.

About that time, a man in a motorized wheelchair zoomed up alongside me and asked if I wanted a cart.  I hesitated, not sure how to respond.  And, don't you know he told me to hang tight, he was going to get me one.  Then he zoomed over to the cart return and manuevered his wheelchair forward and backward until he had pulled out a cart for me.

He winked and said, 'Bet you didn't think I could do that.'

I thanked him, made some small talk with him about his little dog that he carries along with him (Scooby), and then watched him zoom on into Walmart with the American flag he has attached to the back waving in the breeze.

My heart was warmed.  I often think that politeness and consideration for others gets lost in today's society.  And,  here was a man who didn't let his disability stop him from extending some chivalry.  I'd say that's pretty admirable.


  1. How nice of that man! And, I bet your smile made his day too! And, that name!

  2. oh how very sweet!!!!!!! And we made ice cream, home made, hand crank, with our strawberries from our field for our family memorial day weekend too!!!!!!!! Great minds think alike, I'd say! :)


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