Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Thought For The Day

The boys and I took the day yesterday to visit my grandma...their great-grandma.  Since my grandfather passed away a few years ago my grandma has been living alone.  She is still fairly independent, but her health is slowly decreasing and I know she misses my grandpa terribly and is she is lonely.

I try to take the boys to visit her as much as I can.  It's important to me that the boys have memories of time spent with her.  She is the only living great-grandparent that they have.

You would think that having my rowdy boys over for a visit would stress her out.  But, she seems to genuinely enjoy our visits and the boys.  And, although she can't get around as well anymore, she loves holding the baby.

I was thinking about the memories I have of my great-grandparents.  As a child both my paternal sets of great-grandparents were living.  And, on my mother's side I had one living great-grandmother who had remarried after she was widowed.  So, her husband was kind of like a step-great-grandfather?

I remember that my Great-Grandma Myers always had chocolate popsicles for us kids every time we visited. I also remember some sort of sound-making toy cube.  Everytime you turned it upside down, it sounded like a cow mooing.

What do you remember of your great-grandparents?

Now, today, my parents have the oldest 3 boys for a special outing.  So, it's just me and the baby.  I am hoping to accomplish quite a bit.  I've got laundry, dishes, bathrooms that need cleaned, packing for camping, etc., etc.

I saw this quote today posted on Facebook by one of the mentor moms from my MOPS group.  It says...

"Allow time each day to simply enjoy your garden. Don't dwell on the negatives--the weeds, the unfinished tasks, the plants nibbled by rabbits. Instead, focus your eyes on the beauty of details---a newly opened flower, dewdrops gleaming in the sun, a butterfly winging from bloom to bloom." Jane McKeon

I think that's a wonderful thought to keep in mind today as I go about my work.  Instead of focusing on all that needs to be done, I will try to focus on the beauty around me.

Have a great day!

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