Thursday, August 16, 2012

Note To Self

A note to my future self....

When I've made it through these 'in the trenches' years of motherhood and have moved into another, gentler season that tempers and smooths the edges of my memories, I hope that I remember enough that I can encourage & strengthen the next group of mothers who take up their own battle.

If I have the opportunity to share with young moms when I have become that seasoned mother, I want to be honest about how hard it was, how some days I struggled to get through each day minute by minute.

I want to be honest and open about my many failures as a mom and the imperfections of my own children.

I want them to know that they are not alone. They are not crazy.  And, they are not bad moms.

Motherhood is hard.  Very hard.  But, we pretend otherwise.

I'd like to start a Pinterest page for those down and dirty moments of life....the angry, temper tantrum, whining, fighting, overflowing toilets & mile hile laundry piles moments.  I know Pinterest is supposed to be an inspiration board.  But, lately, I would take more inspiration from stories from those moms who lived it and made it through than I do from another cute way to cut a sandwich or the latest DIY home decor.

I want someone to be real with me.  And so, future self, please remember to be real to those future moms you meet.  I imagine you WILL make it through and that is what you need to share with them.
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