Thursday, May 6, 2010

Up Late and 25 Random Things

I'm up late tonight waiting for some broth to cool that I cooked off a turkey carcass. We had a turkey for dinner tonight...yes a whole one. Well, we didn't eat the WHOLE thing. I decided to make it so I'd have plenty of turkey meat for turkey BarBQ sandwiches. Joseph will be part of baby dedication at church on Sunday and we invited the family back to our house for lunch afterwards.

Anyway, my boys were confused because they associate a big turkey dinner with Thanksgiving. And, they couldn't figure out why I was baking an entire turkey on some random night of the week. Everyone sure enjoyed it though. Edison even declared that the green bean casserole was 'Awesome!'.

Speaking of randomness...I thought I'd post something that I'd written on my facebook page a while back. It was a fun little thing that people were doing called 25 Random Things About Me. I love reading stuff like this about other people. It's always interesting to see what people will share about themselves when the parameters are so wide open.

So, in honor of random turkey dinners on weekday nights, here is...

25 Random Things About Me
1. I drink almost an entire pot of coffee every morning. I am definitely a caffeine addict.

2. I am equally dependent on chocolate. There must always be something chocolate in the house.

3. I have my degree in elementary/early childhood education. I spent many years working with children in various setttings. I taught 2 yrs in the public school - one in 5th grade & one in 6th grade. I have worked in various daycares. I taught Kindergarten at KinderCare...where I later went on to become the Assistant Director and then, the Director. Despite all the education & experience I have related to children, raising my own children is the toughest job I have ever had!

4. I love to read & I will read almost anything I can get my hands on. I remember babysitting one time & over the child's nap time I looked around the house for something to read & couldn't find anything! There were no magazines, no books, no newspapers anywhere. I totally don't get that!

5. I accepted Jesus into my heart at a very young age & lived a very 'good, Christian life' through my teen years & through college. After college I moved out of my parent's home and bit by bit fell away from God. I regret the way I lived through the majority of my 20's. But, God never let go of me. And, I finally came to understand His love, His salvation, and His grace.

6. I love to sing Karoake. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it, but my signature song used to be 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Lita Ford. Go figure.

7. John proposed to me on a missions trip we took together to an ophanage in Juarez, Mexico.

8. When John & I met he was dressed as the Grim Reaper & I was dressed as a snow fairy.

9. Swing dancing was a big part of our life when we were dating. We would dress in our 40's garb & everything. I still have all my old vintage dresses that I'll never fit into again if anyone is interested.

10. I like to cook, but I love to bake.

11. I love to eat out when I get the chance. Our favorite place was a short-lived restaurant called Ellington's. I'm not sure what my favorite place is now...but I love Italian food!

12. I used to waitress at El Serrano (an awesome Mexican/ Peruvian restaurant in our area) before they became the huge, sprawling place they are now.

13. I grew up with all sisters, so having all boys is a whole new ballgame for me. Life is never dull with a houseful of boys.

14. I tend to be very fearful, worried person. I struggle with that daily.

15. You wouldn't know it by looking at my house, but I am a perfectionist. I believe my house is a mess, because I don't have the time to make it perfect. Why start what I can't finish?

16. I wish I could be supermom, but I can't

17. I used to go out dancing 3 nights a week - this was in my 20's. I do love to dance & I miss it. It's a great workout too. I didn't struggle with my weight as much when I went out dancing.

18. I've gone through various stages where I was searching for my identity - I've tried out hippie, punker, rockabilly, & alternagirl personas. The most freeing thing for me is realizing I don't have to fit myself into any categories. I can just be me.

19. I am petrified of heights. I can't go beyond the 3 rung of a ladder without feeling lightheaded.

20. I've always wanted to be a wife & a mother...always. I am so happy & blessed to be both of those things. But, I will say that marriage & motherhood are nothing like I expected them to be.

21. I enjoy being frugal & living a simple life. Still, there are times I wish I didn't have to live this way & that I could splurge on stuff without a second thought. Contentment is something I strive for.

22. I moved 6 times in 8 years when I was single. After move #6 my dad told me he'd only help move me again when I got married & moved in with my husband. I guess I took him seriously. Move #7 was to my first home as a married woman.

23. I used to go to the Cornerstone festival (a Christian music festival) in Illinois every summer

24. I can not drive stick shift...nor do I want to.

25. I have a secret desire (Ok - maybe not secret anymore) to someday be a writer of some sort. Writing is the only way I can organize my thoughts & emotions in a clear way. I am not a public speaker!

Would you share some random item or two about yourself? I'd love to hear them!


  1. Love this post! I agree with you on the ladder thing, I'm the same way. And I too tried different rock girl type persona's but now feel content at just being me. I loved hearing more about you, it was very interesting. Here is 2 random things about me.

    1) I make lists constantly: to do lists, grocery lists, goal lists, etc and then I make a list of what lists I've made. I have done this since I could write.

    2)My main goal when I was young, before wanting to be a teacher, was to be a career Navy person. And I can't even swim! LOL

    God Bless!

  2. Thanks for sharing yours Melodie! I took a peek at your blog and I'll be back to visit for sure!

  3. You're a super writer Karen...maybe someday you will submit some short stories to be published?! (Maybe when you have more free time!)
    First two random thoughts that came to my mind:
    ~ I am never late. I usually arrive 10-20 minutes earlly. If I am "running late" it means I will arrive somewhere 5-10 minutes early and I will feel sick to my stomach!

    ~I have no hand preference. Right or left...they both feel the same to me.

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. Although my boys aren't stairsteps, four keeps me mighty busy. I'll be back.
    And one random thing about me: someday I'd love to learn watercolors. Not today.

  5. I enjoyed your list. A whole pot of coffee? Wow!

    Re the writer bit: you are writing, therefore you're a writer. Right?


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