Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Here are some words that have made me chuckle...

Edison, my 5 year old, is not particularly physically affectionate.  He'll often squirm away from hugs & kisses.  So, he completely surprised me today when he spontaneously gave me a giant hug.  I told him how much I loved getting hugs from him & asked if I could give him a hug back.

"No," he said.  "My receiver is broken."

On Sunday, we had a birthday cook-out for my husband, John.  It was a blast!  We had a great time with friends catching up & relaxing.  My friend, Sarah, had her sons along.  Her oldest boy Zach, 19, asked if he could use the upstairs restroom.  I told him where it was but warned him that it might not be the cleanest.   (I focused on cleaning the downstairs for the party.  Plus, I'm never too sure what surprises might be found in our bathrooms since I have boys who don't have the best aim.)

"Oh, I don't mind."  Zach replied.  "In fact, I prefer it that way!"

Bless that boy for making me laugh & putting me at ease!

And then, there's this precious 2-sided note that Wyatt made for me while he was at school yesterday...

In case you need a translation, apparently Wyatt loves me very, very, very, very, very much.  That just melts my heart!

Finally, I was interested in using decals to help decorate some areas on my walls.  I know there are some in-home parties that sell decal lettering, but they were a little pricier than I would have liked.  I was thrilled to find decals at The Dollar Tree.  Granted, their selection was limited, and the quality might not be as great.  But, for $1 a piece, I can at least try them out, get a feeling for how they look on my walls.  And, I think they actually look pretty good.  See what you think...


  1. LOVE your quotes and your wall decorations too!

  2. How sweet! I have a file on the computer that I save things that I want to remember that Brady says to me. A file with scanned notes would be cool too, huh?
    And, I CANNOT believe you got those decals at the Dollar Tree?! They look AWESOME! They both match so well with the frames you put them with! Which Dollar Tree???? They sure don't have them at the one I shop at!

  3. Always a great idea to write down/blog out what the boys say. You will forget if you don't!!!!!


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