Monday, May 24, 2010

This 2 year old

This is Charlie...

He is our two year old

You might remember him from The Egg Incident and The Toilet Paper Episode

I remember thinking with our oldest 2 boys that the 'twos' weren't really that terrible.  They were no piece of cake by any means, but with my oldest ones I actually struggled more when they hit three.  

Now I have Charlie.  He is what we like to call 'busy'.  I can not turn my back on this boy.  It takes about 10 seconds for him to find a way to create a major mess.  Today he dumped his hot chocolate all over the kitchen table and started driving his tractor through it.  We cleaned up that mess and  Igave him some crayons & paper.  I walked away for one minute.  One.  I returned to see that he dumped out all the crayons (we have a large tub of crayons) and managed to find the one marker I had somehow missed confiscating and used it to draw all over the table.

I always say that my children look like little street urchins.  They are dirty a lot.  But, Charlie really takes the cake in this area.  There is a semi-permanent layer of grime & stickiness that covers his face & hands.  I say 'semi-permanent' because I CAN wash it off...and I do.  But, within in a few minutes the dirt has returned.

You want to know something else about Charlie?  He has the longest lashes & the sweetest smile.  He still loves to be held and cuddled.  And, as crazy as he makes me sometimes, I can't resist kissing those chubby, grimy cheeks of his.  I love this two year old!

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  1. I remember that stage. Oh my! They have their "stuff" at every stage...and it seems they are always dirty...and smell like little boys! So so cute!
    Happy day!
    :) Jen


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