Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yard Sales, Estate Sales, & Craigslist...Oh My!

I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to share what's been keeping me so busy & so excited lately. Well, I've always had a love of furniture & good deals. And, I've really wanted to try my hand at selling some things on Craigslist.

I started out tentatively several weeks ago. And, my very first go at it was very disappointing. I could have remained discouraged & given up, but decided to keep trying. My goal is to save up money toward our family vacation in October. I have a goal. Now I just have to reach it!

Some stuff I find will be refinished/repurposed. Some I will sell as is. Let me give you a peek....


I hit a yard sale last Friday on my way home from a Mom's meeting. Here's what I found!

- 2 tall outdoor lanterns ( you put a candle inside). Some of the glass is broken in one, but still a steal a $1 a piece!

- 6 vintage, wire latch canning jars & 1 blue glass canning jar at 25 cents each!

- a box of glassware for $3. I didn't know what all was in the box. All the glassware was wrapped in newspaper. I bought it for the water glasses which is what I found when I unwrapped the top few items. There was a lot of other beer glasses, etc. that I don't need. But, still a decent deal

- 2 solid wood cabinet faces/ doors - $1 for the pair!

Here are the canning jars. I have these listed on Craigslist. I found ones like this on Etsy & ebay that were going for anywhere between $7-15 a piece. I started out listing them for $7/piece, but haven't gotten a buyer yet.

I am so excited about the project I'm doing with these two cabinet doors! I'm turning them into large chalkboard signs. I have one completed & one more to do. I will list these on Craigslist when they are done. Stay tuned for pictures!

The outside lanterns are staying with me!

Estate Sales

I have never gone to an estate sale before & didn't know what to expect but there was one near where I live so I decided to give it a try. It's kinda like a yard sale, except it's inside and it's the contents of the entire house. Everything is marked. And, since I was there the 2nd day, everything was 1/2 off the marked price. Here's what I picked up....

These pedestal, drop leaf end tables immediately caught my eye. And, at $10 for the pair I couldn't pass them up. Originally I was going to refurbish them before selling them. But, I decided to list them as is and sold them for $40 for the pair. Still a great deal for the person who bought them & may want to refinish them.

And, I got this cute little pink, shabby chic chair for $5. I currently have it listed on Craigslist for $20. I've had one interested person so far. We'll see if I get a sale...


Well, I've already told you about some of the things I've listed as a result of great finds from different sales I've been to. I want to share one more thing that I just listed today that has been a piece I've been working on very slowly for a very long time.

It used to be a carpenter's nail/screw sorting cabinet.

Now it is a whimsical little cabinet that would be perfect for a crafter/sewer.....

I have to give a shout out to my husband who built a new drawer to fill in the one on the top right that was missing. And, he also make a backing for the piece. Originally there was no back & the drawers would just slide right through. :)

I will say it again - I am enjoying all of this so much. My friends on Facebook are going to get tired of hearing me talk about it constantly. But, this has really given me a sense of accomplishment. And, I feel like I'm 12 years old again - counting my babysitting money over and over because I was so thrilled to have money I earned all on my own. Here I am....almost 30 years later &, having been out of the work force since becoming a mom, I still have that same thrill now that I'm earning some money as a result of my efforts. Feels good.


  1. I would have took those lights in a second love them! I have been selling and buying to much stuff lately from facebook yard sales. At the top of fb where you search type in yard sales and a city you want and forms come up. You join the sites and start selling buying away. I had items I wanted to sell but were not selling on ebay, craigslist could not manage to verify any of my 4 phone numbers so I can't sell there. I have bought and sold some amazon books lately. But I am finding these yard sales sites people buy anything and they live close so it is not hard.

  2. What great finds. Love them all. I wish I could afford those jars. I love them. So what did you do to the last piece to get the white wash look. I want to do that to an old coffee table I have.

    1. Crystal, my method was far from any tried & true technique. It was more trial & error! :) And, I probably would have done it differently if I had it to do over again. But, I sanded the entire piece lightly. It was already pretty much bare wood. Then I spray painted it. The wood just soaked up the spray paint like crazy, so I ended up using a LOT of spray paint. I just kept giving it light coats of spray paint until I ended up with the look I was going for.

  3. Wow...look at your finds...I need to shop where you shop. Even garage sales here are still high. Keep enjoying...for me it is energizing, I always need a project going..you go girl...this is great


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