Monday, May 7, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

 (Side note/ Question:  Last week my fonts went wacky.  They stopped appearing on my page as they appear when I write or edit my post.  I've also tried going into the 'Customize' section of Blogger under 'Advanced' & still there's a disconnect between what I've actually done & what shows on my blog page....Any one else with Blogger have this issue or a solution to it?)

I've been keeping very busy lately.  And, for the first time in a long time I'm really excited about something I'm doing.  But, more on that later.  First let me catch you up a bit....

1.  The solution to the question about where to place the fabric backed frame I talked about in my last post was provided by 2 friends.  My friend, Callie and my friend, Beth (of Simply Sewn) both suggested that I simply raise the piece a bit higher & hang it on the wall.  (I had it propped on the sideboard).  Such a simple solution, and it worked!

 2.  A long time ago...way back in a post from last Fall, I talked about my parent's old kitchen table that I decided to refinish.  You can go to that link to see before pictures.  I actually didn't have to do a whole lot to the piece other than refinish the top.  The table has been stored in our basement.  I was waiting for Joseph (the youngest) to get just a little older (and hopefully not as rough on furniture) before we brought it up.  But, we decided it was time.  The basement is so cramped & musty & dirty.  I didn't want to let it down there too long.

I'm really terrible at taking pictures, but here's what our dining area looks like with the refinished table in place...

 I had sanded the table top down to bare wood, applied a natural stain, & the poly coated it again and again and again.  There's probably 5 or 6 coats of poly on there.  I got a little carried away.  2 or 3 would have sufficed.

The four chairs on the sides are freebie Craigslist finds!  They need to be refinished eventually too.  But, for now, their scratches & dings fit right in with our home.

So, what happened to the dining room table we used to have?  You have to head over to this post at Simply Sewn to find out!

3.  I mentioned at the beginning that I've been busy and I've really been enjoying it.  Well, I'll talk about that more tomorrow.  But, here's a hint....Yard sales, Estate sales, & Craigslist...Oh My!

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