Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So I Had An Idea

My problem is, that while I see potential in old things/ castoffs, my creativity level isn't as high as other folks and I have trouble seeing beyond 'This could be cool.'  The 'How' escapes me usually.

My husband had an old window screen frame that came out of one of the apartments we own.  It was designated for the burn pile, but I pulled it out a long time ago thinking it could be 'Something'.

Originally I thought about adding a backing to it, painting the inside with chalkboard paint & turning it into a chalkboard sign.  But, that particular project would require my husband's help in cutting a piece of wood to size.  And, John has many other projects that are keeping him busy right now.

Yesterday I brought it inside and thought about just sitting the empty frame on my sideboard as an accent piece.

 But, then this morning I got an idea!  (It must have been the fact that I got up early & had a shower & a cup of coffee before my boys were up!).  What if I stapled fabric to it as my backing?  This I can do on my own.  I have random pieces of fabric (even though I don't sew I can't pass up cute fabric when I see it at a yard sale).  And, I can handle a staple gun.

This is what it looks like......
A closer look....

Here's my problem...With the jars in front again I think it looks too busy.  So, do I just use it somewhere else (as a wall hanging or propped up somewhere else as an accent?)?  Or, the other thought I had was to either a) paint the top of the sideboard black...to carry the black in the fabric piece.  or b)  paint the whole sideboard another color...something that pops....like a green or peacock blue.  or c)  something I haven't thought of yet.

So, I need your creative opinions.  What do you think would work?


  1. I actually love it in the top photo. It frames your awesome jars perfectly. IMHO:-).

    1. It's funny you say that because as I looked back at that picture I had the same thought. Maybe I should have left it as is. :)

  2. I am actually doing that very thing with a window. (it has divided glass) I am then going to use it as an accent on a wall and attach photos, drawings, etc.

    1. That sounds great Mary! You'll have to post pictures when you have that done. This whole thing has actually given me an idea for a narrow china cabinet/hutch thing I've been meaning to refinish for awhile (years). It's missing some of the glass panes. There are 2 top cabinet doors with 3 panes of glass in each. And, instead of messing with the glass, I think I'm going to take the rest of the panes out & staple fabric on the inside.

  3. It is beautiful, though I have no advice on where to put it- I am not a good decorator!
    I love your big jars with the labels!!!

  4. I love it with the fabric. Can you hang it just above the jars? I agree that it doesn't work behind them anymore. That fabric is gorgeous, by the way!

  5. I love it either way. I always tell myself that a magazine isn't coming to do a photo shoot at my house any time soon so I just do my own thing and love it. I am the same way, I love "things" but sometimes don't know what to do with them.


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