Thursday, March 18, 2010

You Know You're the Only Girl...

You know you're the only girl living in a houseful of boys when...

1. You are the only one who does NOT think installing a urinal in the bathroom is an awesome idea.

2. You actually CONSIDER the idea of installing a urinal when you sit on a wet toilet seat for the umpteenth time because the other members of your household forget to lift it before using the toilet.

3. Your flowerbed has been repurposed as a digging area.

4. You are the only one who cares that your home is more functional than it is pretty and well-decorated.

5. Attempts to include ingredients like barley, spinach, or anything labeled 'organic' in meals is met with suspicion and disapproval.

6. Talking about 'feelings' may as well be speaking a foreign language.

7. Shows like Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs win the (almost) unanimous vote over American Idol or House Hunters.

8. Your house smells more strongly of dirty socks and wet dog than it does of scented candles.

9. You sometimes forget that there are conversations that do not revolve around the topics of hunting, fishing, video games, tractors, and engines.

10. You are the only one who can hear the dog bark or the baby cry. And, you are the only one who knows the location of clean socks & underwear.

11. Going to the grocery store by yourself seems as relaxing and luxurious as a visit to the spa.


  1. While this might seem humorous at first, consider what your home would be like without your feminine influence...probably not a pretty sight. Our boys need us!! <3

  2. Where you spying on our house? Cuz that is us....pretty much word for word.


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