Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's As Good As Spring

OK. I know Spring isn't officially here. Yet. But, today, it's as good as spring! I was outside with the boys and friends who came to play this morning & part of the afternoon. It was so beautiful and we were having such a good time that even thoughts of housework & laundry couldn't guilt me back inside.

And, my husband came home early from work to get the tractor ready to plow the garden. The putt putt putt of that old one-cylinder tractor signals that warmer weather is here & that we'll be spending a lot more time outside.

I'm even planning on picking out my seeds this weekend at the local Agway. I need to go and buy more chicken feed, so I figured that while I was there I better pick out the things I want to plant. Last year I waited too long & all the red seed potatoes & some other things were sold out already. Trust me. People in our area are serious about their gardens.

And, it's also warm enough now that we can think of moving the chickens out of their winter accomodations in the barn to the outdoor chicken coop & chicken yard. I'm looking forward to this. The chickens are always trying to storm the door when I come in to feed them. I have to throw food scraps over the top of the door before I open it so I don't have a chicken stampede. It will be so good to have them outside again.

And, it's good to be outside. The fresh air and the sunshine are medicine for the soul!


  1. I dropped the boys off at school today and it smelled like worms. Never have worms smelled so wonderful!
    S2 has raked a garden spot. He wants to know if he can have Daddy rototill it this weekend. I better get hime lettuce or peas or carrots or SOMETHING to plant early!
    This morning S3 fell in the mud BEFORE school started and was so awful he had to reshower. By the time we got to school, he had used his last five remaining minutes before leaving to ride his bike, and had sprayed mud all the way up his shirt.
    But I am so thankful for mud and not snow I don't even mind (much).
    Mr. Goose isn't white anymore. He is brown he is so muddy. And my chickies are happily grazing the yard. Spring, its a wonderful thing!

  2. I hear ya' Denise! Spring IS a wonderful thing! I had to chuckle when I read your description of the morning and the encounters your boys had with the mud before even leaving for school. It sounds so much like our household.


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