Monday, March 22, 2010

Simple and Ordinary is OK

As I sat down with a plate of spaghetti (my lunch) to write this post, I heard the thump of boy feet coming down the stairs. I had just put everyone down for a nap & I thought for sure it was my 5 year old coming down to tell me he couldn't sleep. But, surprise, surprise it was my 2 year old who apparently can climb out of the crib now!

Charlie was soon to be evicted from the crib anyway. The baby is growing out of his bassinet and will need to move into the crib. Charlie has been very reluctant to use his big boy toddler bed and due to laziness (or exhaustion) on the part of my husband & I, we haven't pushed the issue. But, now that the crib doesn't even have the benefit of containing him anymore we will have to get serious about making the transition.

I scooped my little man up and carried him back upstairs quite to his dismay. There were a great amount of tears on his part as I tried to put him back in the crib. So, I took a deep breath to hold back my building frustration and decided to rock him for a bit.

As we have added more children to our family, there has been less time for things like rocking a sleepy child. I rocked our oldest son before every nap & bedtime. Now that seems like such a luxury. Still there's something wonderful about forcing myself to calm my mind & body and simply enjoy my child in the moment.

There were a couple links to other posts I wanted to share today. The first one speaks to the beauty of plain, everyday tasks. Check out this post by Sarah over on Clover Lane. She talks about how sometimes life as a stay at home mom seems boring, mundane, or lonely, but that's it's exactly where she wants to be in this season of life.

Another post I recently read was found over at Antique Mommy. Her post titled, 'No One Drops In For Coffee Anymore' talks about the dying art of simple hospitality. So many of us, myself included, fall into the trap of thinking that hospitality has to be something that would make Martha Stewart proud. If our house isn't in perfect order, the menu & decorations not perfectly planned then it's not good enough. She talks about her parents and how despite the 'ordinary-ness' of their home & what they offer guests, theirs is still a place that people enjoy 'dropping in' again and again.

And, here's a post I'm adding at the last minute because she just posted it to her blog. 'What You Don't Do' is a must read over at 320 Sycamore.

I hope you enjoy these links. Happy Monday!

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