Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring!

Happy Spring everyone! It's a beautiful, sunny 70 degrees today and I am totally digging it! Unfortunately our oldest son started off the day feeling really feverish and under the weather. But, even he has stirred himself off the couch & has headed outside to enjoy the fresh air. Here are some highlights from our day so far...

1. Edison has not been able to resist picking flowers (usually by the root) ever since he was a toddler. Even though I explain which outside flowers are for picking and which are for looking at and enjoying, he just can't seem to help himself. So, this morning he came to me, proudly declaring that he found some onions. And, there he was, clutching the new shoots of a handful of flower bulbs that I had planted in the fall. Yes, the bulbs certainly did look like new onions to his 5 year old eyes. Sometimes all I can do is sigh.

2. My husband has been outside all morning cutting & splitting wood (already thinking ahead to heating for next winter). He's had the off & on company of the 2 middle boys. Close to noon I decided to prod sickie boy off the couch & to take him & the baby outside. I snapped Joseph into his Baby Bjorn & headed out. Here's the fun part: As we walked across the yard toward my husband and father-in-law, Joseph started laughing! His first laugh! He's definitely going to be an outside boy just like my others.

3. Who needs a minivan when you've got a tractor?

Ugh! Don't look too closely at me. I look a little rough. But, here's the whole family loaded up on the tractor right before we all went for a little ride.

Our dog is happily trotting along behind.

That's my oldest son 'driving' the tractor (with a lot of daddy help).

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