Thursday, March 4, 2010

Indoor Boy Sports

If there is one thing I know as the mother to all boys, it's that boys are just so PHYSICAL. There are very few things my boys will sit still is listening to a story being read to them (good thing!). Another is playing computer games or watching TV (not such a good thing - and even these activities involve legs & arms askew and certainly not necessarily in a SITTING position).

Otherwise, constant movement and noise is the norm. I always thought I'd be one of those creative moms who would come up with art & craft activities for my children on a regular basis. Although, I've tried a few such activities I've found the effort is not worth the amount of time the boys will spend on it. It may take me 15 minutes to get all the materials assembled & set out and it will take them all of 30 seconds to paste one piece of paper or scribble a few crayon marks before announcing that they are 'done'. So, I've more or less given up.

Lately some of their favorite activities seem to be 'donkey kicking' and 'running the track'. Here's the low-down on these boy sports.
1. Donkey Kicking - For some reason this activity is best carried out when they first remove their shirts. They get into a position as if about to do a handstand and then kick their legs as high as possible.

2. Running the Track - We have a very small living room and no family room. So, often the boys gravitate to the largest room in the house which is our kitchen/ dining room. It's truly an old farmhouse kitchen. Running the track usually takes place immediately after dinner once the table has been cleared. For reasons unknown to my husband and I this seems to signal that it is time for the races. The boys' energy switch is turned on and 'running the track' ensues. This activity takes two forms. One is where they take their large trucks & tractors and zoom them around and around our kitchen table. The second is where they ask me turn to turn on music and as the music plays they themselves zoom around and around the kitchen table.

By the time bedtime arrives, I am more than ready for some peace and quiet.

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