Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Favorite Song is What?

We had back to school night this week.  My husband sat in on the presentation for Edison's class.   He has the same teacher Wyatt had for kindergarten.  And, I sat in on the presentation for Wyatt's.  I was excited to meet his second grade teacher.

After her little talk she encouraged us to look around the room and in the hallway where our some of our children's work was hanging.  

Here's what Wyatt had to say on his "My Favorite Things" paper

Favorite food:  Peanut butter and fluff (hmm - how does reflect on me as a mother?)

Favorite thing at school:  Recess

Favorite tv show:  Tom & Jerry  (oh great - so I'm a mom who feeds my child food of questionable nutritional  value and I let him watch a show where a cat & a mouse are constantly beating up on each other)

Favorite song:  Creek Balls of Fire  (Um son...I think you mean Great Balls of Fire.  Is it odd that my children are more familiar with music from yesteryear than of today?)


  1. For Kindergarten, S2 wrote he liked to shoot a rabbit. Seriously.

  2. So funny!!! You just never know what kids will say. I wish I could stop by for some fluff and sing "Creek Balls of Fire" with you and your boys. By the way, happy belated anniversary!



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