Thursday, September 9, 2010

But They Were Playing So Nicely...

I should have learned my lesson by now.   

Edison and Charlie were playing outside, and for almost 15 whole minutes there was no crying, no fussing, no fighting.  There were only happy voices...and quiet.

I should know from past experience that when it is too quiet I should go check on them.

Apparently they decided to make a dirt road for their trucks.

On my porch.

Because of how the light was coming in, it was hard to get a good picture.

Trust me,  it was a lot of dirt.

It was easy enough to sweep off, but somehow I'm still amazed by the superpower of little boys....creating messes where there were none in lightning speed.


  1. Love it!I have three boys.I know exactly what you mean.I bet they had a blast.Sure it was not much fun,to clean.Blessings,Marla

  2. sorry Karen but I'm smiling! Boys will be boys will be boys!

  3. Oh..this mom of five boys is laughing out loud...I so know that quiet..of course my girl was the worse...I can say, how precious!!! With my grey hairs I now just four year old loves if it is quiet he has found some water and pre-mud!
    At least it was a sweep away from being clean...enjoy!!!!

  4. I love the dirt road.
    I love that you have boys that made a dirt road.
    God is so good!


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