Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Ramblings

It's a rainy, chilly day.   And, I just feel like curling up and taking a nap with my children.  But, there's too much to be done.  So, I'll make this quick today.

  • Wednesday night last week we had a storm and our landline phone and internet conked out for a few days.  It took a call to the phone company (they came out - not an outside line problem) and a little troubleshooting of our own to figure out where the connection was bad.  What I learned about myself?  That first day of no internet access was really hard.  I was in some serious withdrawal.  But, after that?  I actually felt kinda free and a bit more focused.  Am I ready to do away with our internet?  Maybe not.  But, I have been challenged to spend less time on the computer.
  • We are in the final countdown to having the downstairs apartment in our rental unit rented out!  October 1st there is a woman who is moving in.  My husband is almost done with the last bits that need done in the apartment.  And then I'm hoping life will get a little more back to normal.  Whatever normal may be...still busy but maybe a little less so.
  • My sister is about to have her baby!  Any day now!  She's due the 29th.  I've been on the phone with her almost every day.  Since I've had four, I guess I'm her childbirth 'expert'.  Ha!  Anyway, I'm super excited to finally become an aunt.  And, my boys will finally have a cousin (they've got tons of second cousins, but this will be their first first cousin)
  • I've been feeling a little blah, a little overwhelmed, a little grumpy.  Oh, who am I kidding? I've been kinda miserable lately...and for no good reason.  I could attribute it to lack of sleep, or the insane pace our life has been going lately, or that I rarely get any breaks from my kiddos.  But, I need to recharge, refocus, refresh.  I've been praying!  And, I've been trying to make reading scripture more of a priority.  So far I haven't really snapped out of my funk.  But, I'm working at it!
  • I went to a huge yard sale this Saturday with my friend Jamie.  And, I found some things that I am using to help jazz up our 'master' bedroom.  (I always feel funny using that term.  It's just our bedroom.  Nothing fancy.  And, not any larger or more grand than our other 2 bedrooms.)  I'm working at making our bedroom more of a retreat and less of a dumping zone.  I'll share pics later this week.
Hope you are having an awesome Monday!


  1. Do you get down when there is less sun? I get down when it is dark by dinner and fall is so so for me and winter is difficult for me.
    I never got to answer your question about Moms in touch- we pray out loud, but nothing fancy at all and I fumble a lot!!! There has only been 4 of us so far, so I don't feel too nervous. I guess I might if there was more people- I'll let you know how it goes.
    I'm praying for you.
    Could you and hubby go out just the 2 of you and celebrate when the apartment is done?
    I get excited when I have something to look forward to- unfortunately, usually food- lol.

  2. Sending a "good nights sleep" wish your way!!!
    I know how an endless day with the wee ones feels. Hoping you get your much deserved break soon!!
    Enjoy the night

    Fun bedroom finds...awesome!

  3. Hey Karen,
    I use picasa to write on my pictures...but getting cool fonts onto my blog will probably not happen anytime soon! I saw the directions for that and it looks so hard.
    How exciting that you're jazzing up your bedroom...I hope we get to see it!


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