Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finally, Some First Day of School Pics

We're on the third day of school and this is the first day that our schedule has started to look like what I had envisioned.  We took Edison to PM Kindergarten after lunch and the little two fell asleep in the van.  So, now I have the big two at school and the little two sleeping.  Aaahhh.  Now, I hope to get some things done, but thought I'd check in here first.

On a side note, I think my husband thinks I'm a little wacky with this whole blogging thing right now.  For instance the other day I had a short window of free time, during which I blogged, and he was incredulous that I would spend my precious free time blogging.  

Plus, I think I talk about other people's blogs too much to him.  Too many of my conversations begin with "Today I read on another blog..."  or "Do you know what another blogger said?"  Cue the blank stare from my husband.

Anyway, I wanted to share some back to school pics, so here goes....(I have a really bad habit of never clearing my memory card, so it took me forever to download just a few pictures.  I almost gave up.  Just wanted to share that frustration with you.)

Wyatt - Second Grade

Edison - Kindergarten

 Waiting in the van at the school.

Time to go in.

 Edison and his teacher.  He has the same teacher for Kindergarten that Wyatt had.  She's awesome!

My School Boys

My Husband's Idea of School Transportation

The second day of school John took Edison to Kindergarten...his way.  For everyone out there gasping in disbelief, yes, he really took him on the motorcycle.  We sort of set a precedent with Wyatt when he was in Kindergarten...that was the first time Wyatt rode on the motorcycle with John. So, of course Edison wanted to do the same.

How do I feel about this?  Not great.  And trust me, there was (and there still is) a great deal of discussion over this subject.  But John assures me he is very, very careful with them. I always tell him, it's not him I'm worried's other drivers.   What do you all think?  Would you be comfortable with this?


  1. Karen, you need to find a girlfriend to share your "blogging stories" with. I am thinking my husband wouldn't be interested in such "chatter" either. LOL As for riding motorcycle with Dad---it's gonna happen so just send them off with a prayer :-)

  2. It's a boy thing. We can't understand it. you need to email me so we can be on fb together to talk all blogging things. ;)

  3. Love the school pictures. Very cute. As for the motorcycle I would be scared but daddy's have their ways as we mommy's have ours.

  4. Totally precious...I have pictures of my four year olds first day...a new experience for us.
    I love the motorcycle...because that is how my son will take his kids!!!! What can I say, I do have a family of five boys and my adults sons are still big boys!!
    Enjoy your time!

  5. Plaid is my favorite...diggin' those shirts!
    How is Edison liking kindergarten?


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