Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Mawwage Is What Bwings Us Togevah Today"

Ok - If you didn't recognize that quote from The Princess Bride, shame on you.  

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If you've never seen The Princess Bride, double-shame on you.  Get ye to a movie rental location and rent it already!

Anyway, what I mean to say is...

Marriage Is What Brings Us Together Today.

More specifically, marriage is what brought us together 9 years ago.

Ours was an unlikely love story.  One that took a lot of work and perseverance (especially on John's part).   We are two people so completely different from each other.  Yet, we belonged together.

I thought I knew exactly what type of man I would marry.    I imagined that he would be the sensitive artistic type.  Someone with whom I could discuss books and foreign/independent films.  We would partake in cultural events and find ways to be creative together.

Instead the man that God brought to me is more interested in tractors, engines, guns, hunting, airplanes, and motorcycles.  He's works well with his hands..not at creating works of art, but  in the mechanics and the function of items.  I haven't found anything he hasn't been able to fix.

We really don't have that much in common.  And, we approach life in such different ways.  But, we balance each other.  I trust him completely.  I have no doubt of his love for me.  And, most importantly, he loves the Lord.  

We may be an unlikely pair, but ours was definitely a match made in heaven.

Sorry, this is a picture I took of a picture.  It's pretty fuzzy.  How else to you go about getting pics that aren't digital on the computer?  (I don't have a scanner)

Happy anniversary babe!


  1. Yay! Happy Day! Congrats!
    We used to love Princess Bride. Haven't seen it in years!

  2. I feel ashamed...I keep hearing about that movie but have never seen it. : ( Love the post! How sweet it was and very interesting. It's amazing how God knows who is best for us when we have something else in mind.
    Also wanted to tell you: Thanks for your thoughts and prayers on my last post. Stay tuned for more info about it later. : )

  3. Oh my husband lovesssssssss that movie! And congratulations on your 9th Anniversary. I think most of marry our opposite...that is what make it work...the most unlikely pair becomes unified through Him!! Enjoy! Celebrate!!!

  4. I've never seen that movie before.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. I sooooo forgot to put "Congratulations, Happy Anniversary" in my comment (slapping self in forehead. Sorry! But better late than never right? : D

  6. Happy Anniversary "Miss Karen"and John! Dontcha just love how God works things out? :)

  7. CUTE!!!! Love that you posted that pic! Happy Anniversary!

  8. oh, i love this!

    my sister, the community organizer with a nose ring and degree in conflict resolution--thought she would marry a radical, an artist...

    but she met a quiet texan (who does play guitar;) and they're marrying in may:)

    congratulations to you!


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