Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When Husbands Are Busy

We are going through a season right now where my husband is particularly busy and not at home very much.

 His job is going through a busy spell and he is putting in longer hours there (a year ago we were praying for more work at his job because at that point things were slow...what a difference a year made!)

Also for approximately the last 2 months he has been working on one of the apartments in our rental building trying to get it ready for new tenants.  We bought this property earlier this year and it came with a number of issues.  Fortunately my husband is very handy and is able to do the work himself.  But, it has been very time consuming.

On top of that are some of his other committments and responsiblities - a part time job (occassional weekends) teaching motorcycle safety, odds & ends around our house - mowing, cutting wood, winterizing our home, van & motorcycle repairs, etc. etc.

The fact is, we haven't seen much of him lately.  Now I will say that we are fortunate that his work is right down the road.  So, he comes home for lunch everyday.  I look forward to that short break midday where we can see each other (even though it's often just briefly).  Then, he comes home for a quick supper and is off to his next project for the evening.

I'm exhausted.  He's exhausted.  We're ready for a little break.  For me it's hard to be alone with 4 boys most of the day.  And, lately it seems the boys have been testing me and my waning patience even more.  (I am not sure how single moms & military moms do it on a regular basis!)  For John, he never feels like he's able to get done everything he has to get done.  And, I know he's frustrated that he hasn't been able to spend more time with his family.

I am happy that I have a husband who is driven and motivated.  No-one could ever accuse him of being a slacker or lazy.  It's hard to keep up with him though sometimes.  He just seems to have so much more energy than I do.

So, I'm actually going to end this post with a question.  Has your family gone through a time like this?  Do you have any suggestions on how to keep things running smoothly?  To keep our sanity?  I would love to hear any thoughts/ experiences you all have had.


  1. Karen,
    We are experiencing a similar spell right now. It's hard. Especially when the kids miss him. And when they seem to know we're worn down and low on patience- instead of acting better they seem to act worse...or is it our lack of patience that seems to make it seem worse? Anyway, I'm searching for some answers myself right now. My best idea so far is prayer and I'm laying it on thick:-).

  2. We are going through the same thing.We have been here before.It is very hard.I find myself getting behind.You get so tired.Prayer prayer ,and more prayer.Blessings,Marla

  3. Do as much as you can for him. Make it a project with your boys. Have his lunch ready and his dinner ready with a smile. Because there will be a time when you can crash with him, but until then, you just gotta keep on keeping on.....
    And nap. Whenever you can, nap! :)
    There is no easy answer. Nothing easy to do. You just push through because that's what we do.
    (and any cuddles on the couch later at night are ALWAYS a bonus!)

  4. Oh yes....mine traveled two weeks at a time, only in for a couple of days and back out. I had four under age 7! and one was a colicky baby!
    This too shall pass!!! You will one day look back and go, "WOW! I did that?!!" It is when you realize that God was there all the time and He held you up!!
    I would take short breaks...pour me a glass of Dr Pepper, which I enjoyed, into a beautiful glass and just enjoy! I would also set on the front porch in my rocker and let them play and thank God that I got to be home with them.
    I would hit the bed sooooooo tired that I slept even though the other side of the bed was empty...God was good!

  5. My husband is home every night...I am thankful for that. I have a friend whose husband is in Iraq. She is experiencing exactly what you are describing. She has 3 kids at home.
    I know for me...in times of busyness and such...I have to realize its not gonna all get done. Let go of what you can. You can only do so much and keep your sanity. Spend intentional time with the boys as a family when you can and let the dishes wait! Things will slow down at some point. Take care of yourself too!


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