Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Something Light

It is H. O. T.  hot in these parts today.  We're hitting about 100 & the humidity is super high.  We stepped outside for about 15 minutes just to go feed the chickens and the sweat was pouring off us.

So, we're hibernating inside our blessedly cool house today.  I'm feeling very thankful for our AC window units.  It's not central air, but it's certainly better than no air.

I'm babysitting my friend's 2 little girls today.  So, with 6 kids pretty much confined to the house today we are breaking out of our typical daily routine.  Currently 5 of them (the baby is taking a nap) are draped across the couches eating popcorn & watching the kid's movie 'Bolt'.

Brain power & energy levels are on low today, so this post will be short & sweet.  For your amusement I thought I'd share some examples of  other times my brain power has been on low.

Some Things I Used To Think (But Have Since Been Properly Educated):

  • I used to think espresso was spelled & pronounced expresso
  • I used to think that a central vacuum system was an extremely strong suction system whereby you flipped a switch & all the dirt was sucked into suction vents throughout the house.
  • I used to think that the name of legendary jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald was Ellafitz Gerald.
  • I used to think that the signs reading "No Vacancy" at motels actually read "No Bikinis"  (Ok - that one is from when I was a kid...I could never understand why people with bikinis weren't allowed at those motels).
There you have it...a little something light for a hot, hot day.  Do you have any of these to share?


    1. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. We will continue to try and get this weight off! I'm aiming for my goal by January (my 10th anniversary). Thanks again!

    2. You crack me up!!!
      I think you just gave me a lesson on the espresso- I had to read that one a couple of times- lol.
      We are in a lot of heat over here on LI as well.
      Stay cool!

    3. So funny! I used to think a washing machine was called a washing machiner. Hmmmm. And an umbrella ....an underbrella (now that I think makes good sense.)
      Have a great night!

    4. Hope you survived the day with 100 degree heat and 6 kiddos. You are too funny. I thought the same thing about the central vacuum!

      Hope all is well!


    5. So when you have 4 kids already...is two more not a big deal? I'm thinking you're either a terrific friend (which I'm sure you are) or you have LOST YOUR MIND!
      Thanks for the blog suggestion...I LIKE it!!

    6. We've just plugged in our AC unit and I'm wondering why in the world we didn't do it sooner. We only have one, so we use it downstairs. We feel cooped-up as well.

      Ok, I love your list. Very entertaining. I know I've had a lot of those type misconceptions (even into adulthood), but for the life of me I can't think of any of them right now. Let's blame it on the excessive heat and the fact that I'm sitting in the room the farthest away from the AC:-).


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