Friday, July 9, 2010

Lessons Learned

You might recognize these chairs from my header.

They sit on our front porch.  There are actually 3 of the rockers.  And, up to this point I have been OK with their weathered look.

But, the chairs have gone from having a weathered look to being weathered.  It's time for some fresh paint.

I bought a can of white outdoor spraypaint to paint the chairs.  My husband told me that the spray paint would be not be the best or easiest way to paint the chairs.  And, he suggested a different method.

But, I had the spray paint already and was not to be deterred.  

So, a couple days ago I pulled one of the chairs out onto the grass, sanded it down (a little), and started going to town with the spray paint.  

Here is what I learned....

1.  One can of spray paint isn't enough to cover even one chair.

2.  Spraypaint is a slow & aggravating way to paint furniture.

3.  Sometimes my husband is right.

I guess it's Plan B (aka my husband's method) for me.  

P.S.  - This week weight loss:  1 pound
            Total weight loss to date:  6 1/2 pounds
           Total pounds remaining to goal weight:  35 pounds


  1. You should have been able to get two coats of spray paint on the one rocker. Because they are weathered...priming them would definately be a good idea, I think.
    Congrats on your one pound this week! Sometimes one pound doesn't sound like a lot...but I always look at as losing one lb of ground beef sitting on the counter in its package! Then one lb seems like a lot!

  2. How funny! I have been spraying down everything this summer! Metal chairs, table and mirror! I have painted so long I decided to do something different...but I bet your old wood just soaked up that spray...sorry!
    Yea on your weight loss...I need to loose about 50...number 6 kinda did my size in and he was 10 pounds and 4 ozs.
    Yea for you!!!!


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