Monday, July 12, 2010

Doin' Corn

I'm heading to my mom & dad's house this morning to help my mom do their corn.  A.k.a - husk, blanch, cut, & freeze.  My parent's still keep a fairly large garden & usually put in enough corn to share with family.

We keep a garden too.  But, at this point I'm so busy with the boys that most of the food we grow is for consuming.  Not too much is preserved.  I do can tomatoes, and some pear jelly.  Plus, we grow enough potatoes to store & use throughout the winter.

My family has done corn every year since I can remember.  My grandparents used to grow so much corn that we would have a large tractor wagonload that we would do at one time.  It was a family event.   The men would help pick & husk and then the women would do the rest.

It's on a smaller scale now.  But, it's still a family event.  Today will probably be my mom, grandmother, and I.  I'm not sure but one of my aunts may be there as well.

It's also a great tradition & memory that I want to pass on to my boys.

Ok. - I'm off.


  1. I freeze a lot of corn to get us through the winter also. My father-in-law is so sweet he plants plenty for us all. There is nothing better than sweet corn. Have a wonderful hard working day.

  2. So you "freeze" it? Don't know why I thought people put it in jars in the pantry? Maybe you could do a tutorial....or am I the ONLY one who is clueless about this?! :)

  3. We love fresh corn on the cob!
    Will you share your pear jelly recipe? I would like to start canning...that sounds so yummy!

  4. Crystal, I agree. Nothing better than home-grown sweet corn. How wonderful to have family that shares!

    Kerri, Most of the veggies that we store up for winter we do freeze...i.e - green beans, corn, soy beans, sugarpeas, etc. It's just a little easier I think. But, some people do can their veggies. You can do it either way. Hmmm. A tutorial? Maybe. Actually, you should go check out Thy Hand Hath Provided (she's listed on my side-bar). She has actually done a couple tutorials on canning/ freezing recently. Better yet, you can come over sometime this summer when I'm doing some canning!

    Jen, the pear jelly is actually super easy. It's just pears that have been peeled, pitted, & diced plus sugar & SureJell. The recipe is in the SureJell packet, along with the recipes for any other fruit you'd like to make jelly with.

  5. I remember doing corn with my mom. She had a special cutting board just for this job--wood with a long nail hammered in the center to hold the cob while it was stripped. Ah, memories!

  6. Oh, I remember the wagon load too, and the men helped husk and clean then "left for the fields" while the women cooked and cut off. It was an all day event!! Learned a lot from my Mother and Mother-in-Law.

  7. What is the best way you have found to store potatoes so they don't grow eyes and get spongy before the next crop is in?


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