Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Big Fish

I just have to say that as the only girl in a houseful of guys sometimes I have to see things I'd otherwise rather not see.

Things like this....

That would be an ice chest full of catfish.  The big one on top there?  Yeah, he was still trying to suck oxygen with his gills.  Very disturbing.

But good eating.

My husband cleaned the fish & made one yummy fish fry.  He coated the fish filets with  seasoned crushed tortilla chips and then fried them.  Really delicious.  They didn't even taste fishy.

Oh, and I gotta give props to my boy Wyatt who caught the ginormous catfish.

He even pulled it in himself.  Way to go son!

You men go ahead and catch it & clean it.  But, next time I really don't need to see any part of the process prior to it being on my dinner table.  Thanks.


  1. I love the fish- it looks delicious. Wish you saved me a piece! lol
    I also loved the canning post.
    I would love to taste your peach jam.
    Great job!

  2. Yuk! I'm glad my guys throw the fish back in after they catch em!
    Brady was impressed though with Wyatt's big catch!

  3. Wow, good job on the catch, Wyatt! I have to agree - that still-alive fish is kinda gross. Glad your hubby cleaned them for you - that would be my stipulation too! Lol! :)


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