Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Kitchen

I keep seeing pictures of white kitchens.  On blogs.  In magazines.  On TV.  And, they really, really appeal to me.

They are so bright.  So cheery.  So homey.

So when I see something like this...

or this...

or this...

 and especially this....

I feel drawn to these spaces.  I could picture myself working in these kitchens.  They exude a sense of calm & I imagine that I too would be serene and at peace.

Ok - I suppose that's a lot to ask of a kitchen.  Still, I would love to someday have a white kitchen.

But, my reality right now is four active, dirty boys with more daily messes & spills than I can count. My white kitchen wouldn't stay white for very long.   Not to mention it's not really financially feasible now.  So, my someday has to wait.

In the meantime, I can dream!


  1. I LOVE white kitchens too!
    My next one will be for sure.:)
    I love the beadboard islands and butcher block counter tops too...sigh...
    Enjoy the night and your dreaming!:)

  2. I've been gone so I just spent some time catching up with you.
    First off, congrats on the weight thing. That's awesome!
    White kitchen--hmmmm. I used to have one, and the bottom cupboards were so dinged up and dirty that I repainted the whole thing a light tan. Does that sound awful? It kinda was.
    So when we built our house, I really wanted the all-white again, but I just chose cherry instead--white's too hard. Maybe if your uppers were white and the bottoms were dirt color. . . .?

  3. I love the yellow valances in the first picture! I too would love a white just looks so clean! I'll keep dreaming too......

  4. PS. I'd gladly help you tackle one of your projects! I think you should start easy and go with the bench first! It's not hard at all...once you do it, you'll want to keep going! But seriously, I'd love to help!


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