Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dinner Tonight

This was actually a combination my boys came up with.  I had chicken & broth in the crockpot with the intention of making Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight.

But then my boys asked if they could make a special soup.  I gave them a little of the broth & chicken and then they chopped up zucchini & tomato & I cut corn off the cob (all from our garden) and added it to their little pot of soup.

I tasted it after it had simmered awhile.  Mmmmm.  Summery.  Fresh.  Yummy.  I decided to use the remainder of the chicken and broth to make a big pot of the soup.

And, that (as Rachel Ray says) is what's for dinner tonight.

The experimental boy pot o' soup

P.S. - I used my new favorite seasoning, adobo, when I cooked down the chicken & broth in the crock pot.

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  1. Tell your boys that they can come cook for us any night = ) That looks wonderful! I love getting kids involved in the kitchen, its fun, practical and downright fun.


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