Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Monday Thoughts

- So, my husband and I watched the Canada/USA Olympic hockey game last night. I was actually a little sad that the Canadians didn't win. Is that unpatriotic of me? Anyway, it was an exciting game and both teams played all-out. Once again I'm perplexed. Why isn't ice hockey more popular here in the U.S.? It's a thousand times more interesting to watch than football in my book. Go figure.

- I had to run to the store today with the 3 boys who are at home during the day. I had been grocery shopping on Friday. But, I should have gotten a bigger pack of diapers for Baby Joseph! Grrr. It can be really frustrating to constantly need to run to the store because I forgot something or didn't get enough of it the previous time. And, there's no such thing as a quick run to the store when you have small children in tow! Our diaper run took about 45 minutes...and the store is just about a minute down the road!

- Related to my grocery store run is a pet peeve of mine. I hesitate to mention this because, after all, 'peeve' is the root word for 'peevish'. And, I would hate to come across as peevish. But, here it is... Why do they need to give me 3 separate bags for 4 items???!!! I bought milk, diapers (they were out of the mega box, so once again I was buying one of the smaller packs...which probably means ANOTHER diaper run later this week), a large container of yogurt, and a box of Poptarts. I am not even kidding that my cashier put the diapers in one bag, the yogurt in one bag, and the Poptarts in another bag! Perhaps this is my fault on 2 different levels. 1. I have the eco-friendly reusable grocery totes, but I almost always forget to bring them to the store with me. 2. Usually, if I see the cashier bagging things in a ridiculous number of bags, I'll ask them to put more in one bag. But, today, I wasn't really paying attention and by the time I was done paying it was just easier to grab my bags and go. But, seriously, am I the only one this happens to? Does it bug anyone else?

- Day 6 of Lent Update - I think I'm missing sweets more than I'm missing Facebook. I'm trying to come up with healthier alternatives to satisfy my sweet tooth. I've been nibbling on raisins, dried pineapple chunks (which are actually very sugary), and fresh fruit. Plus today I tried vanilla yogurt topped with granola cereal. Yummy. But, I really miss chocolate! As far as my Facebook alternatives, there's this blog, I've been reading an actual book, and I've been trying to find other new blogs to read. If you have a blog, or a favorite blog you like to read, please post a comment with the blog listed & I'll check it out!

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