Friday, February 5, 2010

Here We Go!

In my single days I really enjoyed journaling. I enjoyed it so much that I filled journal book after journal book with my thoughts. Writing was very therapeutic for me. I could put a voice to my frustrations, my joys, my longings. And, when I took the time put thoughts on paper, those thoughts became less confused or random and I could actually start to make sense of everything that was crowding my mind.

I'm not sure why, but after I got married my journaling slowed down considerably. Maybe I thought that my husband would be my new sounding board & I wouldn't need to rely on writing as I had before. And while my husband did and still does take the time to listen to me when I need to process my thoughts by way of speaking, I noticed that I was editing those thoughts. Even speaking to my partner for life and most intimate friend wasn't the same as writing it down.

Then, I just got lazy and didn't take the time to journal. And, shortly after that, the boys started to arrive and life became too busy for anything as luxurious as writing. Oh, I've tried here and there & have made an effort to record major events such as each of their births. But, my journals still remain sadly empty and silent.

So, in December, my husband and I went to a Christmas banquet for motorcycle safety instructors in our region. (Motorcycle safety training is a part time job my husband took on several years ago). We were seated at a table with with 3 other couples we'd never met before. And, conversation, actually flowed fairly long as I was talking about my husband or my children. But, at one point in the evening my husband got up to talk to another group of people and I remained at the table. One of the men from our table turned to me and asked, "So, Karen, what do you enjoy doing when you have time off from your children?" I was so embarrassed because I could not think of an answer! It seems that everything I do revolves around my children, my husband, and my household. I floundered for awhile & mentioned swing dancing, which, in truth, is something my husband and I did when we were dating and haven't done in years. And, I also thought about mentioning writing. But, again, to be truthful I haven't really written in years either!

I have had in the back of my mind for a while now that I'd like to start a blog. I enjoy reading other blogs and writing one seemed an appealing and fun way to get back to writing. After the conversation I had at the banquet I was also reminded of the importance of finding something that I enjoy doing...something that helps define Karen, not just Karen the Mom.

So, while I will most likely focus a great deal on issues related to parenting and boys in this blog, I will share other thoughts as well. And, hopefully this first post will be the first of many as I discover my love of writing again.

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