Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Not Stubborn...much

I'm really not a stubborn person. At least I don't think I am. I'm just someone on whom reverse psychology works really well. If you tell me something can't be done, I'm going to find a way to do it. Let me explain the situation that led to this self-analysis.

My oldest son was finally returning to school after 3 snow days last week and a holiday yesterday. Iit was definitely time for all of us to return to our normal routine. Well, as I looked out the front window this morning I realized that, although my husband had shoveled a path from our house to our van, we had never cleared a path to the front gate where the bus picks up my son. Keep in mind that we had 2 storm systems that dumped an accumulated total of over 2 feet of snow. In addition there had been drifting. Plus, the snowplows had pushed a good deal of snow up against our fence and gate.

Nonetheless, it's a relatively short path from our front porch to the gate and I figured it was do-able. So, I called my husband to find out where the snow shovel was. When I called him he told me that the snow in front of the gate had frozen solid and he didn't think I was going to be able to shovel it out. He said he'd tackle it sometime later today, but that for this morning Wyatt would just have to wait for the bus farther down. He didn't even tell me where the shovel was.

Well! That was like throwing down a gauntlet! Let me tell you about something similar that had happened years earlier when I was single and moving into a new apartment. My room-mate and I had asked a couple guys we knew to help us with the move. I had a bulky, heavy sofa that we had to get up to our second floor apartment. The guys got stuck coming around the bend in the staircase & tried to maneuver it around, but gave up, left the sofa where it was and went upstairs declaring that the sofa would never make it up those stairs. Who are you kidding?! I needed my sofa! So, while everyone else was upstairs talking I went back to the sofa, and by myself!, I wiggled it around the corner and moved it inch my inch up the stairs until I had the sofa at the top. Ha!

So, this morning that same determination kicked in. I put on my snowboots, found the shovel, and went out there to tackle the snow. The path part was easy. The snow was deep but easy to move. Chipping out an area around the gate & fence was a little harder, but I did it! And, my son was able to get on the bus at his normal spot. Now, I can't wait until my husband comes home for lunch and sees what I accomplished. Am I proud of myself? You betcha!

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