Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

I've been thinking about this topic again.  I re-read the post I wrote last year and the comments that folks left.

I even posted something on Facebook today to see where some of my other friends stand on this subject.  My boys are asking again about trick or treating.  But, I still feel uneasy.  Based on the Facebook responses I seem alone in any misgivings I may have about Halloween.

The fact that I am uneasy, that I am not at peace with the subject should indicate to me that God is speaking to me.  

But, it's hard to stand alone.  Especially when it seems so harmless.

Anyway, it would be really interesting to hear your thoughts.  I explained a lot more in my original post from last year, so if you have time you might want to read that.

Also, I noticed this link in one of the comments from last year's post and thought it was a very interesting article.  You might want to check it out too.


  1. It's so hard to be different and take another path sometimes, isn't it? And I don't even have the added pull of kids being exposed to Halloween-themed parties and talk at school. We stand firm in our resolve not to participate. Philippians 4:8 comes to mind this time of year...

    "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

    I, too, felt like the Spirit was leading me to steer my family clear. I needed to follow It's leading and now feel at peace about our decision.

    Pray about it, dear. I think that's the best way to discern:-).

  2. I am totally with you. Very hard. Especially with the kids being in public school this year. Even though, there were still kids in Christian school that celebrate, there was about half of the class that didn't celebrate.
    And I don't know if I am compromising, but sometimes I find myself saying, what's the big deal?
    We are still not trick or treating, but will go to our church harvest party that doesn't allow costumes.
    It is hard too when another mother asks what one of the kids will be for halloween? I don't want them to think I am judging their family or somehow I think they are less than me.
    I can only do what is good for me and what the Lord guides me to do.
    I am working more on not judging others and trying to convey that to my kids.
    It is yet another one of those things in our Christian walk that is hard.
    But so worth it...

  3. Karen,
    We don't do trick or treating. I grew up going, however, at a young age something didn't sit well with me and I asked my mom if I could skip it. I still remember that "nudge", I now believe, God gave me. My girls ask every year, but they know the answer and seem to be ok with it. We enjoy doing something as a family at our church. And, hubs just doesn't like the begging part.

  4. Well this will be our 28th year of not celebrating with all six of our children. We made it through with the first five and I think we will make it through with the last.
    I don't have a peace to celebrate and have decided that I don't owe anyone an explanation why...I can only answer to God on this conviction.

    If you have peace than I say "go for it"...if not then there must be some reason for that.

    I don't think my older five have been harmed by not celebrating...and now they each decide for themselves.

    Blessings as you seek His face for your family...we are each different and what works for one isn't for another.

  5. Well, we are not Christians, but practicing Muslims and we also dont celebrate. Even just the feeling of Halloween is "off", what can be right about trying to walk around and scare people and be scared. I dont like it and I think kids understand pretty easy by just explaining. May God give you guidance!


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