Saturday, October 29, 2011

Does Something Seem A Little Strange?

 It's a very strange day in October around here.

Here's the first hint why....

Here's the second hint....

Why yes.  That would be snow.  Till it's all said and done we could could anywhere from 3-10 inches!!!  No one really knows.  Only time will tell.  (I would have pictures of my other boys too, but as soon as they were in their snow gear they were out the door & off to who knows where.)

I feel like I should be playing Christmas music. 

Perhaps this picture best captures the oddity of the weather around here.  My fall mums, my confused iris (that bloomed several days ago thinking it was spring), and snow on the ground.


  1. I'm with you- Start the Christmas music!

  2. Oh man, I am not ready for that yet. But I am ready to hear Christmas music.


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