Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Love Raising My Boys in the Country

 I love raising my boys in a country setting.  Space to roam, fresh air, the freedom to 'do stuff' and explore.

Sometimes I get so caught up in my dream of having a property with more acreage that I miss what I have.  We have a good thing going here.  The boys pretty much have the run of 3 properties - ours, & 2 properties owned by my in-laws.  My sister in law lives next to us (that's where we keep our garden and most of the pics are taken there) and my in-laws live in the next property down from there.  Plus we have beautiful farmland behind us.

I'll admit I built this tent.  I tried to get the boys involved and they helped a bit, but most of the labor was done by me.

Wyatt hanging out.

Edison found a few cherry tomatoes still hanging on our plants.

Joseph checking out the tomato plants

Edison was 'storing' the tomatoes and jalapanoes he found in a corner of the tent.

Charlie saw a caterpillar that he wanted to 'keep for a pet'

All my boys.  (Wyatt said 'Wait to take the picture Mom until I get my foot on top my head.')

This area of our garden is used as a burn pile for brush, etc. after plants are done producing. It also become a boy excavation zone.

My iris is confused.  It thinks it's spring.

Who needs flowers in their flowerpots?  My boys planted a pumpkin seed to see if it would grow and now we have a pumpkin plant trailing out.  I think it's actually quite pretty.

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