Saturday, October 8, 2011

Another Weight Loss Milestone

The further along I go in this weight loss journey the harder it becomes to focus on the fact that my goal is healthy weight loss and, most importantly, developing new, healthy eating habits.

The first couple weeks were hard because I was re-training my body and my mind in the types of foods it truly needs and should crave.  But, then I did start craving the healthy foods and, for a few weeks, eating better was coming more easily for me.

Now I'm at a stage where I'm trying to find the balance between being too restrictive and too permissive in my eating.  In the past I tended to gravitate toward extremes when it came to eating.  I tended toward binging or limiting myself drastically.

As the weight loss sloooows down I've had to become more conscious of what I'm eating but at the same time resist the temptation to eat less and less to try to see faster results.  I guess I'm back at a stage where I need to re-focus on the nutritional value of the food I'm eating.

Anyway, all that to say I've been needing some fresh motivation and I got some yesterday and today.  Yesterday I went to my first meeting of Momsnext (the next step after MOPS.)  Momsnext is geared toward moms of schoolagers whereas MOPS is for moms of preschoolers.  Both groups meet the same morning as the same church.  So, even though I've moved up to Momsnext and some of the moms have stayed in MOPS, I was able to see ladies from both groups.  Most of the women haven't seen me since our last meeting in May.  

I received several comments, compliments, and congratulations on my weight loss.  Boy, did that make me feel good!  I know it's hard for those who see me on a regular basis to notice the changes, so this was an affirmation that the changes really are happening!

Then this morning when I stepped on the scale I finally saw a number I've been trying really hard to reach for the last 3 weeks or so.  I saw a number in the 160's.  Ok.  So, it was 169.6.  Right up there at the tippy top of the 160's.  But, it gave me hope that my work is paying off.  And, I feel inspired to keep going.

I'm thinking of doing a linky party sometime soon to get some favorite healthy recipes that you all might have.  I'll keep you posted...


  1. Congratulations, Karen! I know just what you mean about wanting to see the number on the scale. I feel the same way about it. I think it's extra hard to realize all of our bodies are created differently and healthy isn't necessarily what we see in the media! You are beautiful! Congratulations again.

  2. Oh, that's so exciting! Congratulations!
    I can't wait to get to 169.6.
    It might be awhile. I was super excited to get out of the 180s- lol.
    Thanks for encouraging me.
    Glad you went to your mops meeting and the ladies all had nice things to say.
    That really is nicer than what the scale says.
    Keep up the great work.
    Maybe this time next year we can both read these posts in size 6 jeans!

  3. Yahoo! Isn't it amazing how a few nice complements can go a long way!? Good for you.

  4. hey there, karen - it was nice to see your comment about our "skydiving" adventure, wasn't that the craziest coolest thing?! I'm fresh back from a 3-month blogging break and am trying to get back in the swing of it, but it's been tough ... glad to see things have been good with you guys ... congrats on this terrific weight update - wahoooo!!


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