Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Has It Really Been So Long?

Has it really been over a week since my last blog post?  I guess I can attribute that to 2 parts busy and 1 part writer's block.  

I'm still feeling a bit unsure of what to write...so I'll give you a few odds & ends.  They may be random.

1.  Today I returned some overdue kid's videos to the library.  I'm usually very good about returning library stuff on time...or remembering to renew the stuff online if I am too busy to get in to the library.  But, I goofed on this one.  3 videos x 5 days late @ $1 per video per day = $15 fine.  Yikes.  I'll consider that my contribution to the local public library.
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2.  Weight loss is sloooowing dowwwn.  I have to fight for every ounce I decrease.  So, I'm especially frustrated that after our Labor Day weekend of picnics & imperfect eating I actually experienced a slight increase.  Ugh.  But, I'm not giving up.  I'm still working hard.  And, I'm going to have to add in some exercise too I think.
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3.  I now have more frozen shredded zucchini in my freezer than I'll probably be able to use in a lifetime.  I guess we'll have lots of zucchini bread this winter!  I know I can use the zucchini in baked goods & sometimes I throw it in with my meatloaf mix.  Does anyone have any other suggestions of how I can use all my zucchini this winter?
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4.  My husband is in busy mode again.  While work has slowed down at his job he has plenty of other stuff going on.  He'll be teaching motorcycle safety this entire weekend.  (Thurs. & Fri. night plus Sat. & Sun. during the day).  Also, we had to let a tenant go.  They were supposed to be out by Sept.1 but the tenant has had a lot of personal setbacks so he's not out yet.  My husband (with the tenant's permission) rallied some help from the tenant's neighbors yesterday & they worked most of the afternoon helping him move stuff.  The tenant still has more stuff to move, but once it's all out the real work begins.  My husband has clean up/ fix up still ahead to make the apartment ready for new tenants.
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5.  This summer was supposed to be the summer I got a new kitchen floor.  My husband got as far as evening out our old floors.  He had to replace our main beam in the basement(it was cracked - how worrisome is that!) & he reinforced the joists.  This resulted in some cracked walls on our first floor (when the floors shifted it moved the walls too).  So, those need fixed.  Plus my husband cut off the bottom of the dividing wall between our kitchen & dining area to prevent it from shifting up & cracking our ceiling.  So, that wall needs fixed.  Alas, the floors have not yet been done (refer to #4).  Trying not to think too much about the movie "The Money Pit".
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6.  On a positive note, I did get a new dishwasher last week.  Our old one (which we got used) was literally falling apart.  I got so frustrated one day that I called my husband at work and asked him if I could go get a new dishwasher.  He shocked me by saying, "Sure.".  I wasn't convinced he completely understood me.  I said, "Like right now!  I can go right now in my car and buy a new dishwasher." .  And he said Yes!  So I did!  I really would have preferred a stainless steel exterior.  But, I couldn't justify spending extra for it's appearance when I found a black one that was on sale.

6.  School started last week & while my children probably wouldn't admit it, I think they are enjoying it.  The first day was a little dicey.  Wyatt (my oldest!) pretty much refused to get on the bus...tears & the works.  Luckily my husband took a break at work so he could be home when the bus arrived that first day.  He pretty much had to lift Wyatt onto the bus.  But, that was the end of it and everyone seems happy.

First Day of School Pics

Edison's happy. 

Wyatt's not.

Wyatt would NOT look at me for any of the pictures.

7.  This week will be our first meeting of MOMSnext.  It's the next step after MOPS (mothers of preschoolers).  MOMSnext is geared toward mothers of schoolagers.  This is the first year for our local group.  And, I'm on hospitality.

Here are the centerpieces I came up with that will go on our brunch buffet line.

Not bad for Dollar Tree stuff I think.

Have a great week!


  1. It's nice to see you back! I've made this Chicken Zucchini Casserole with shredded zucchini before and it worked fine (http://www.thyhandhathprovided.com/2009/02/chicken-zucchini-casserole.html). Have you made Zucchini Crab Cakes before? They call for shredded and if you use Old Bay seasoning, you don't even need to add the crab:-).

    Sorry your eldest had a rough first day. That was me every year until about the 5th grade:-).

  2. That last picture of Wyatt and Edison is so funny! I'm sure someday when the boys are older and married, you will pull that picture out and everyone will have a good laugh! :)

  3. Don't tell your boys but those pics are so funny. Someday they will laugh at them. I would gladly take some of that zucchini, I have a hankering for some carrot zucchini muffins, don't know why. I love Money Pit by the way. One of my favorites!


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