Friday, September 9, 2011

My 'Say Anything' Friend

Do you have a 'say anything' friend?  The kind of friend that you can totally cut loose with.  The kind of friend to whom you can say anything that is on your mind....and not worry about how she'll react or if she'll think less of you?

That's my friend Jamie.... (holding Joseph as a newborn at the hospital)

The truth is, those kinds of friends are hard to come by.  

Jamie and I don't agree on everything.

Jamie and I have very different upbringings.

Sometimes it seems our lives are totally different. (She's a working mom with 2 boys.  I'm a SAHM with 4 boys).

We have argued, bickered, and fought over the years.

But our friendship always stands firm.

She is my friend.  I can tell her anything.

And, I am so grateful for her.

Do you have a 'Say Anything' friend?


  1. Yes I do!! She is on a two week vacation right now and I MISS her!!! Friends like those are worth their weight in gold.

  2. My friend like that is coming over for dinner tonight to help pick out clothes for family pictures. I totally trust her opinion!

  3. I don't. Over the years I have developed a few good friends that I am always surprised and grateful how open I can be with them but it kinda stops there. Still don't have a best friend. Someone I talk to all the time, someone to go out with, that special someone. Friends are special.

  4. I do but we don't get to talk much anymore. We used to go antiquing and flea marketing a lot but she has had some hard times the last few years and honestly her and her hubby have to work a lot to make ends meet. I try to send her cards, emails and such just so she knows I am thinking of her. We are hoping to get together soon. I miss her tons. I am glad you have a friend you can share with, they are priceless.


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