Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weight Update

I haven't checked in for a while with a weight update, so I thought I'd give a short one now.

I'm still trying to eat healthy (lower carb, little or no processed foods, lots of fruits/veggies).  I'm still keeping track of what I eat in a daily food journal.  

I did allow myself some slack while my husband and I were away for our anniversary.  We did a lot of eating out....which we don't get to do nearly as much as I like.  So, I decided to enjoy myself & not worry too much.  I still tried to make some healthy choices.  But, overall, it was a 'food freedom' weekend.

The first day we got back I stepped on the scale & wasn't too surprised to see that I was weighing about 3-4 pounds heavier than I did when we left.  But, I got back on track this week & now I'm back down to where I was.

So where am I you may ask?  Well, let me remind you of some numbers.  

At the beginning of this year I weighed in at around 192.  I tried to start eating better then and lost maybe 5 pounds over the course of several month.s

Then, at the end of July I decided to get serious about how I was eating.  I was having major mood swings and I knew that very poor eating habits contributed at least partially to the swings. 

My first food journal entry was July 26.  And I weighed 187 pounds at that point.

Now, here we are almost 2 months later.  And, my weight entry today on September 22 is 172.2 pounds.  That's almost 15 pounds in 2 months!  And almost 20 pounds from the beginning of the year!  

Can I tell you how much better I feel?  I am more energetic.  My clothes fit so much better (actually my size 16's are getting a bit loose and I can fit into some 14's).  I have seen a dramatic change in my mood swings too.  They haven't disappeared entirely.  But, since changing my eating habits I haven't been the weepy, angry, depressed mess that I was earlier this year.

My goal over the next couple weeks as we move into October is to get into the 160's.  I'm so close.  But, I've been stuck in the 170's for a while.  (The first 10 pounds came off relatively quickly.  I've really had to work for the last 5.)

I also would like to add in some more exercise.  Taking the boys to the park with the bike/walking paths should be a no-brainer and I need to get back into the habit of doing it.  It was so rainy here for so long that I had lots of excuses not to go.  Not so much anymore.

So that's where I am.  And, I'm pretty proud of myself.

In another post (and another topic) I want to tell you a little more about our getaway & what inspired us while we were there....  Stay tuned!


  1. Yahoo! I needed that inspiring story. I am still feeling all fluffy and swolllen from pregnancy. i am happy for you, i know you will reach your goal.

  2. Yay! Great job, Karen! Keep up the hard work!

  3. Great job!
    So awesome.
    It is so hard to lose weight - I feel like every meal is a battle for me.
    I am so excited for you.
    You looked great in your trip pictures!

  4. I am so happy for you. Keep up the awesome work!


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