Saturday, August 27, 2011

Battening Down the Hatches

John and his dad are at this very moment reinforcing the barn roof in preparation for any residual Hurricane effects that may reach us.

They aren't really being paranoid.  As you'll see in the pictures, the barn is so old and rickety that any gusts above 10 mph could blow that roof right off.

 Do you see the amusing part?  Take a closer look at the next picture.

Safety first country style!  Yup.  That's my husband with a rope tied around his waist and my father-in-law holding on to the other end.    Well, at least it's something.

Ok - East Coasters, I hope that all the hurricane predictions are exaggerated.  But, stay safe every one!


  1. That is such a funny picture. That is how we do things around our house also. My husband is always saying, "You must be a redneck if......" We are proud and love it. I messaged The Chatty Mommy. I hope she will be ok keep her in your prayers.

  2. I LOVE your barn and that safety comes first. Who needs fancy, expensive harnessing equipment? Well, okay. Some people probably do. Stay safe and dry, friend.

  3. HA HA... sooo funny. How did you do though? Are you and the house/barn ok? xoxo

  4. That picture is hilarious! I hope you guys weathered the storm and your barn is still intact!


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