Thursday, September 8, 2011

Go Figure

You may recall that a couple weeks ago we were bracing ourselves for the effects of Hurricane Irene.  And, while there were some places nearby that had some downed trees and power lines, we came away pretty much unscathed in our area.  The winds & rains weren't nearly as bad as we were anticipating.

Now this week we've been experiencing more rain than even comes close to what we had with Irene.  Many folks I know have basements filled with water, roads are closed, even many of our schools are closed due to flooding on the roads.  (My boys were so excited to learn this morning that they were having a 'rain day' and didn't have to go to school!)

There's been even more serious flooding in other areas and surrounding counties.  

You can see some of the pictures here....

Also, there's this sad story out of ZooAmerica (the zoo next to Hersheypark) about 2 American bison who were caught in the floodwaters.  They were unable to rescue them & they were in danger of drowning.  Rather than letting that happen, they euthanized (shot) the bison.

Go figure that you prepare for a hurricane and experience very little.  But, nobody forecasted the havoc these rainy days could bring.

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