Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Suspense is Over

Not that I necessarily think you all were waiting with bated breath....but for those of you who were I have 2 reveals for you!


First let me show you what it looked like once we removed BOTH layers of old linoleum....

Isn't that lovely?  We knew we had wood floors under all that nasty old linoleum.  But, the floors were pretty much ruined by the tar-like substance used to hold down the bottom layer of linoleum .  Not to mention there were a gazillion staples we had to hammer down so they weren't poking up.

In retrospect, after we took the first layer of linoeleum off we probably should have left the bottom layer & just had our new floors laid on top of that.  But, I was determined that I wanted ALL the old stuff out first.  Trust me it was a lot of work.

And, now for the new floors.....

 I am SO happy to have new floors!  They are a HUGE improvement over what we had.  We still need to put the kitchen back together.   Part of a wall needs rebuilt.  Base trim needs put in.  And, I REALLY want to paint my cupboards.  Once we have a true before and after, I will share more pictures.

2.  Did you figure out where John and I went for our anniversary getaway?  I mentioned that we've been there before and that I talked about the location before in my blog.

Well, we went to the Fingerlakes Region in New York state.  (We had been there last year for my 40th birthday celebration).

It is amazingly beautiful there.

We checked out a few vineyards....

We also went to the annual Seaplane Homecoming 'Splashdown' event in Hammondsport, a little town at the southern tip of Keuka Lake.  Hammondsport is a little piece of aviation history and was the home of Glenn Hammond, one of the fathers of aviation.  

John is an aviation buff, so this event was definitely at the top of his list....

Whenever I'm in doubt about where my husband is all I have to do is look for the oldest thing around (in this case the oldest airplane) & I can be pretty sure he'll be there striking up conversation with the folks who work with the old stuff.

Best of all, John and I got to enjoy 4 days together....just him and I.  After 10 years, it's wonderful that we can still have a great time together.


  1. The floor looks great...what a wonderful anniversary time...that is just great! Congratulations on 10 years.

  2. Your new floor is very pretty! Happy Anniversary. :)

  3. Your new floor looks wonderful and I'm so glad you and your husband had a chance to get away together.

  4. Your floor looks wonderful. The pictures look like you had a wonderful time on your trip. Happy 10 years together.

  5. The floor looks GREAT!!! And so does your little getaway, glad you got some time together. You look lovely and happy.

  6. We should vacation here together....I think we'd have a blast. Glad you had so much fun. :)


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