Friday, August 12, 2011

I Think I Need This T-shirt

A t-shirt I need to have made for me just to clear up any confusion when I go out: 

"Yes. I have 4 boys. 
 Yes. They are all mine.
 No. We don't have any girls.
 No. We're not going to keep trying until we get one."

(And I like this graphic)
image found here


  1. Ooooh, you could make that t shirt (and one for Denise too). Get some transfer paper at AC Moore and print out your design on your home printer. Then iron it on an inexpensive tshirt.

  2. So funny! I agree, T-shirts would make it so easy to stop the rude people from asking ridiculous questions!!! Unless they are illiterate too!

  3. Okay...I want one too...yes I have six children, five boys and one girl...all mine, all from one marriage...yes ages 28 to 5!!!!

    Oh how often I have answered those it is "is this your grandson?"...NO HE IS MINE...AND WE WANTED HIM!!!

    I just think it all part of life and people really don't mean to be rude, they are just so curious to see a family that is more than girl and one boy!

    They are just amazed.

  4. Can so agree with that! Just change it to 7 boys.

  5. I hate those type of remarks I get them too. But I also hate oh you Finally got your girl. It just makes me feel like in others eyes the middle 2 were failed attempts and that is anything but true.


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