Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm a little sad. I'm in the process of weaning my youngest son. Sniff.

I've breastfed each of my children and soon I'll be saying good-bye to breastfeeding forever. We don't plan on having any more children. Joseph is our last baby.

My husband is excited about this. He's been urging me to wean Joseph for the last couple months now. He says the boy is more than old enough. I've been dragging my feet.

Yes. Part of me is excited to have all body parts back to myself. Part of me is excited about the idea of sleeping through the night (All my children continued to wake in the middle of the night until they were completely weaned.). After all, it's been 8 years since we were expecting our first child. And, I've either been pregnant or nursing for most of those years.

Yet, it's bittersweet. This will officially signal the end to 'the baby years'. I will miss those cherished, quiet moments that I can share with my child while nursing. And, (on a more vain note) if I'm no longer considered a nursing mother, maybe that means I'm no longer young.

Breastfeeding hasn't always been easy. As a matter of fact it's been downright difficult at times. I seemed to have recurrent issues with mastitis (I was fortunate with Joseph and only had it once while nursing him. With the rest of the boys, it occurred multiple times). There were times when I had terribly sore, cracked (and even bleeding) nipples.

For some people, that would have been good enough reason to stop. But, it was so important to me to nurse my children, I kept going. Call me crazy. But, that's what I decided to do. And, I don't regret it.

So, how long have I nursed each child?

Wyatt - 14 month
Edison - 10 months (I had the most difficulty nursing him. And, I still have some guilt about stopping as early as I did with him. But, I was also dealing with some postpartum depression after his birth and something had to give.)
Charlie - 16 months
Joseph - By the time we are finished weaning he will be 15 months.

We're winding down. This week is supposed to be the final stage of weaning. It's time to move into a new stage of parenting. Ready or not. Here we come.


  1. I can understand how you would be sad. I think all your feelings are very valid. The next phases will bring more excitement and joy and maybe a few quiet moments as well. Good for you for keeping it up with all those difficulties. I have heard so many women quit because it is so hard. Your boys each received the best start because of your dedication.

  2. I'll be praying for you. But, I am with your husband in a way, because almost all of my kids slept through as soon as they were weaned and sleep is a beautiful thing.
    And I kind of think that no matter how many kids we have, we will always miss nursing when the last one is done.
    My mom actually told me she wished she could nurse my first born when I had her because she had always loved nursing me and my brother and would of had more kids if she could.

  3. Oh remember that with each of my children...the last I went two years on the recommendation of his doctor. It was bitter sweet, and I did cry. I have never added all the surprise that now I could use a lifting job!
    Enjoy your sleep!

  4. I'll be facing this before too long, I'm afraid. I think it's absolutely fine to be sad about it. Go on and have a good cry if you need to. I know I will:-).

  5. I think that was the hardest thing to leave behind with the end of babies era, the nursing! I so very much enjoyed that bonding time, and with each it was different.
    #1--at 9 month when I got pregnant--oops
    #2--at 6 month when he would NOT stop biting--had teeth one week later--go figure
    #3--at 17 month--it just went so well and I knew it was the last
    I should add that all 3 of mine slept through the night by 2-3 month so that was not a factor in when I weaned them.
    Karen, you may feel sadness in leaving this era but focus on all the new things you and the boys are doing as they grow older. (and don't apologize for staying home and being there for them, even when they are teens.) You will have plenty to do to keep after those growing boys. And the freedom to be involved in bible studies, visiting with friends, maybe even volunteering somewhere. Possibilities are endless!


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